Parry Questions Brantley’s “Jumbie Figures” For Social Security Stats

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By S. Williams

The jobs are coming back.

Deputy Premier Mark Brantley of the Concerned Citizen Movement Monday said 2016 had the highest recorded number of jobs in island history according to Social Security statistics.

Pleased with the information, Mr. Brantley credited the leadership of the Hon. Vance Amory for the job increase in Nevis.  He praised the Nevis Island Administration as well as the Labor Department for the improvement.

He said, ‘We were able to get a snapshot going back to 2005, the last year of Premier Amory’s leadership before the NRP took over a year later. We had 5,560 jobs formally registered in Nevis in 2005. By 2006 when NRP had taken the reigns of leadership in Nevis, our job numbers fell to 4,321, a loss of 1,239 jobs. By 2012, the situation had recovered marginally to 4,874, a loss of 686 jobs.

“When the CCM took back office in 2013 and Amory was back at the helm, the situation rebounded to 4,993 jobs in 2013. By 2016, the last numbers we’re seeing, jobs in Nevis are at the highest level ever with 5,590.

“This reflects 716 new jobs, an increase of 14.7 percent in four years under CCM. I would anticipate the job creation is much higher than the 14.7 percent increase we are seeing. When the informal economy is added, I suspect the number of jobs in Nevis is actually much higher than the formal numbers reflect.”

Leader of the Opposition Nevis Reformation Party Joseph Parry disagrees.

He encouraged people to contact the Labor and Social Security offices to challenge the authenticity of those figures.

Mr. Parry said, “I wish you all would contact the Labor office and find

our what they have to say. I don’t want to get into a discussion with ‘jumbie figures.’ It’s nonsense because if you walk around Nevis and see what’s happening, you know that those figures make no sense.

“Mr. Brantley is always lying and it’s about time you all realize he is always lying. Go ask Social Security about those figures and the authenticity of their figures and what sense they make if applied. They cannot be applied just like that. Go ask the Labor Office,

“If you walk around Nevis, where are the job opportunities, where are the economic activities?  What new business has opened since 2013 to justify those figures?”

This newspaper understands that while theses figures were not given to the general public, they can be requested from the director of Social Security and obtained upon approval.

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