Parry reveals 10 party plans if elected

Hon. Joseph Parry Leader of The Nevis Reform Party
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Discrimination of cannabis not oneBy Monique Washington

The leader of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) the Hon Joseph Parry this past week announced  his party’s plans if  they are elected in the upcoming Nevis Island Administration Election in January 2018 but with no mention of the decriminalizing or legalizing cannabis.

In the past, the leader and some members of his party reveled plans to support t

he decriminalization if elected to government. Party member Hensley Daniel said at a  panel discussion last year  at the Red Cross Building in Charleston, “In government, we are going to decriminalize marijuana.” However the party’s leader made no mention of it this past week.

The “party of hope, action and deliverance,” were the words Mr. Parry used to describe his party. In revealing his plans he noted the important matters his party will seek to fix, restore and develop if elected.

The first set of plans involves a plan called the “three prong attack” on crime in Nevis.

“A three prong attack on crime, we will work with the police to protect every resident on the island of Nevis 24 hours a day. We will create jobs for the most vulnerable persons to keep them off of the streets and out of trouble. The school system will be required to work with parents to solve the problem of poor discipline, delinquency and every sign and early sign of criminal behavior. Put in place integrated program of investment and development that will create jobs that will provide funds to run the government in Nevis,” Parry said.

Second on the party’s agenda is to bring an additional hotel to Nevis “to match the Four Seasons”.

“Projects will include another hotel to match the Four Seasons and working with the owners of Four Seasons to restore its hotel to its old state of glory. This expansion will also include the development of the seaport, which will be treated as a priority and we will move quickly to develop health tourism once again on the islands,”, he said.

Third is the upgrade of the Alexandra hospital with equipment to assist in improved medical services and the introduction of a dialysis unit at the hospital within the first 12 months in office. Forth will be the effort to turn around the education program.

“Teachers will be sponsored at home and abroad and a battery of incentives shall be instituted to promote and support our teachers to be effective and comfortable in the workplace,” he said.

Next will be the strengthening of the NIA to have more power in the ministries of health and education.

Sixth, Leader will seek to maintain a working relationship with the federal government.

“We will ensure that monies belonging to the people of Nevis come to Nevis. However we will not be a part of any extortion or blackmail that seems to be a part of the present arrangement,” he said.

Seventh on the agenda the party will seek to build up the NIA to a level where the people of Nevis when they are ready can hold a referendum to determine their destiny and future.

Eighth will be to put into place a “Public Account Community” and establish an opposition office.

Ninth relates to salary of Parliament and ministers of government. According to Parry all government ministers and Parliament  salary must be determined through dialogue with the people of Nevis who “elect us all and finance the NIA with their taxes,” he said.

Last will be the removal of all practices of the surrogate system.

He defined this as “when people are paid from the public treasury for doing nothing, when the people’s money is used to buy political patronage and support and when wrong doing is not addressed because government is compromised.”

“This is what we plan as a government to do in the next dispensation. There is hope for 2017, hope for the future. The Nevis reformation party is ready for this country again,” Parry said

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