Parsons Domino Club retains Constituency #7 Domino League championship

Victorious Parsons Domino Club players celebrate after edging Saddlers Domino Club to retain the championship. With them are referees Joy Osborne (left) and Cremoy Agard (right).
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Parsons Domino Club successfully defended the Constituency Number Seven Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris Domino League championship title after coming from behind to beat Saddlers Domino Club 14-11 in the deciding final game held Thursday at the Lodge Community Centre in Lodge Project.

Saddlers Domino Club suffered the nightmare of “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory,” not once but twice in a row having lost the second game in the best of three finals Tuesday in  similar fashion.

Saddlers built a comfortable 6-0 lead, but Parsons came from behind to level the game at 9-9, 10-10 and finally 11-11. At that point, the game could have gone either way, but Saddlers squandered a golden chance to take a game they were leading 56-0.

The game started at 7:50 p.m. with Cremoy Agard as the referee for table one, and Joy Osborne as the referee for table two. Saddlers came out with all guns blazing, drawing the first blood in the battle for the first games at each of the tables. The first win came from table two’s Steven Gilbert and Ephraim Henderson. Table one’s Keithroy Eddy and Cleon Walters gave Saddlers the second game.

Table two scored another three games and table one scored one to give Saddlers the 6-0 lead. But the tide changed at 9 p.m. when Colonel Mills and Jedediah Locker of Parsons on table one tallied 113 points before Saddlers could win a single point, giving the defending champions a bonus game for their first two games against the six by their opponents.

The blow had not been anticipated by Saddlers players Keithroy Eddy and Cleon Walters, who vacated the table and were replaced by Timoy Phipps and Dahimain Caines. Parsons scored another game from table two, but Saddlers quickly added a game from table two to put the scores at 7-3 in favour of Saddlers at break time.

During the course of the game, Delroy Liburd acted as the second referee for table two. He vacated his position before the match was over and was replaced by Keithley Gaskin. On table one, referee Cremoy Agard was assisted by the official scorer Hope Bradley who acted as a referee when she was not on the board tallying the points.

After the break, action see-sawed back and forth. Parsons took the number of games they won to seven, but Saddlers surged ahead and won a game from table one to take their tally to nine games.

Before Saddlers could celebrate the two-game edge, Melvin Gumbs and Ashton Williams of Parsons on table two attained 110 points before their opponents could earn a single point, thus earning the defending champions a second bonus game to tie the game at 10-10, at which point all players vacated their tables for what was an unofficial break.

On resumption, Saddlers surged ahead by winning a game from table two, but the temporary lead was cancelled by a win by Parsons from table one to tie the game at 11-11.

On table two, Kyle Huggins and Marc Williams of Parsons came from behind 0-56 points to win the game at 108-56 points to take the total to 12-11 games in their favour. Simultaneously, colleagues Colonel Mills and Jedediah Locker were clinically decimating Saddlers players on table one and attained 125 points before Saddlers could win a single point to earn the defending champions a bonus game and push the final score to 14-11, giving them the championship.

Domino action continues Tuesday, Nov. 26 at the Lodge Community Centre in Lodge Project at 7:30 p.m. when champions Parsons Domino Club face the Best-of-the-Rest Champions, Small Corner Bar Domino Club, for the classic “Champion of Champions’ encounter.”

The longest running domino league in the country is sponsored by Prime Minister and Area Parliamentary Representative for St. Christopher Seven, Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris.

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