Phillip Walwyn And Kate Spencer Rosemary Matheson It was a great privilege to be present at the Memorial Service for Phillip Walwyn at ” Mount Pleasant” on St. Kitts on Saturday afternoon. The day was overcast, and the clouds looked like they were there to stay, but in that magical setting, weather could not be an issue. The large crowd gathered punctually, (despite the long drive), which in itself was a particular mark of respect for Phillip, a stickler for time-keeping. The St. Kitts Prime Minister, Timothy Harris, the recently appointed Governor General, Tapley Seaton, the Minister for Tourism, Lindsay Grant, and the leader of the Opposition, Denzil Douglas, were in attendance, and shared in the many eloquent tributes that were delivered. A large marquee was installed on the crest of the mound, and as the ceremony proceeded, the wind in the tent replicated the exact sound of wind in the sails. Unquestionably, Phillip’s spirit was with us, and as the finale brought closure to the proceedings, the sun came out! Kate’s selection of Phillip’s favorite hymns and prayers, poetry, songs, and music were aptly moving, and the endearing and amusing tributes from close friends painted a consistent picture of this courageous man. The unexpected ‘surprise tribute’ from Lennox, (Caona), who rearranged the words and sang “My Way” Satchmo style, to match Phillip’s persona, was a happy end to the day. The famous poem “Sea Fever” by John Masefield seemed to have been written for Phillip, therefore ‘may his sleep be quiet and his dream sweet, now that the long trick’s over’. RIP