Phylicia Warner Receives 2014 Joshua Obadiah Williams Award Press Release Story Updated: March 24th 2015 at 12:09 pm From left to right: Mr. Victor Williams, Ms. Phylicia Warner, Mrs. Joyce Glasford, Assistant Registrar at CFBC, Mrs. Kayrisa Kelly, Dean of Teacher Education Division at CFBC, Mrs. Joycelyn Pennyfeather
Ms. Phylicia Warner is the proud recipient of the annual Joshua Obadiah Williams Award for outstanding academic achievement in teacher education for 2014. Miss Warner, a past student of the Teacher Education Division of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC), received the monetary award of EC $2,500 on Wednesday 25 th February, 2015, at a small ceremony at the CFBC. Miss Warner has always been dedicated and industrious in the pursuit of her goals. She does not let any obstacle get in her way; she perseveres and keeps working towards her dreams. Prior to this achievement, one of her greatest accomplishments was being the valedictorian of her 2008 graduating class at the Cayon High School. Miss Warner was born on the 31 st January, 1991, to proud parents, Christlyn Warner and Fitzroy Langley. She spent her childhood growing up in the humble village of Saddlers, where her educational journey began at the Saddlers Primary School. During her teen years, she was an active member in various extra-curricular groups such as the Youth Path Programme and the Junior Achievement Club. Miss Warner has completed two distinct programmes at the CFBC. In 2012, she completed an Associate Degree in Office Administration and Management Studies at the Division of Technical, Vocational, Educational and Management Studies (TVEMS). Thereafter, motivated by her love of children, she began teaching, and for the second time entered the CFBC, but this time to pursue an Associate Degree in Teacher Education from the University of the West Indies (UWI). She completed the Associate’s in 2014 and graduated at the top of her class with Summa Cum Laude. She received the highest GPA in the University of the West Indies written teacher education examinations and also the best marks in the practicum. Miss Warner would like to express her sincere and deepest gratitude to all who helped her to reach this milestone: God, her family and special friends who stood beside her throughout her journey. The sacrifices they made inspired her to go far beyond the extra mile. She expresses special gratitude to the Dean of the Teacher Education Division, Mrs Joycelyn Pennyfeather. She has deep appreciation for her lecturers including Mr. Ellsworth Diamond, Mr. Glenroy Blanchette, Miss Darylie Williams, Miss. Tota and Miss Nadine Lawrence for the love and support they gave her during her enrolment at CFBC. “These lecturers touched my spirit, and I will miss them,” she said. “I would also like to express my gratitude to the Department of Education for the support I received from them.” Phylicia hopes to become a graduate teacher one day. She has a passion for teaching and strives to do her best at it daily just like Joshua Obadiah Williams did. The Joshua Obadiah Williams Award was established in 1995 and is given annually to the most outstanding graduating teacher of the UWI Associate Degree in Teacher Education. Mr. Williams, after whom the award is named was born October 11, 1926, in Barnes Ghaut, Nevis to Albert Victor Williams and Adosha Elisabeth Williams. After attaining the Seventh Standard Certificate, he became a pupil teacher in 1942 at the age of 16 and taught at St. Thomas School, Lowland, Nevis. In 1948, he came to St. Kitts and continued teaching and studying. He went to Erdiston Teachers College in Barbados (1955-1957) and on his return, taught at the Cayon School and then the St. Paul’s School. In 1965, he went to UWI Mona Campus in Jamaica where he completed the Professional Certificate in Education. On his return to St. Kitts, he was made Headmaster and was assigned to the Molineux All Age School, which was re-named The Joshua Obadiah Williams Primary School on July 2, 2010, in honour of the sterling work done there by this great educator. Joshua Obadiah Williams retired from the Basseterre Boys School in the early 1980’s. He will always be remembered as a pioneer in the field of education, an advocate of high morals and strong family values. During his journey along the path of life, he touched hundreds of lives through his teaching. His many students who are now teachers, include Mr Michael S. Blake Esdaille, Mr Sylvester Charles, Mr Gairy Knight, and Mr Randolph Taylor. Joshua Obadiah Williams through the William’s family is still touching teachers today through the Joshua Obadiah Williams Monetary Award given to outstanding student teachers. Some of those who have benefitted from the award include: Ms. Rosemary Govia (2001), Mr. Olston Strawn (2002), Mrs. Colette Lewis (2003), Ms. Natasha Daniel & Mr. Dwayne Weekes (2004), Mr. Lester Morris (2005), Mr. James Morris (2006), Ms. Shenelle Pemberton (2007), Mrs. Sheronne Lowe (2008), Ms. Faith Lewis (2009), Ms. Ella Wangechi Ngunjirl, Ms. Sherilyn Phillip and Mrs. Tresa Willett Herbert, (2010), Mr. Kyle Edwards (2011), Mr. Donato Wharton (2012) and Ms. Tamara Morton (2013). Ms. Phylicia Warner continues the proud tradition of being a beneficiary of this award, named in honour of a man of noble character, Joshua Obadiah Williams–educator, philosopher, poet, disciplinarian and humanitarian.