Pier extention at FS part of two-year plan

General Manager of The Four Seasons Resort-Ed Gannon
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By Monique Washington

One of the first projects expected to be completed at the Four Seasons, as part of a two-year upgrade, is the extension of its pier.

The pier, which is currently under 100 feet out, will be approximately 200 feet in length when work is  completed. This was revealed by the general manager of the resort, Ed Gannon, and by Rob Sloop, who will be working on the pier as well as on a project to increase the resort’s storm protection systems.

“The new pier will allow us to have our boats in a much safer place,” Gannon said. “It will provide a safer anchorage.”

He said plans are in place to have the pier completed before the festive season opens, with a deadline of Nov. 20. The pier, along with the installation of a new waste water treatment plant, of electrical upgrades, of the addition of 200 security cameras, of a new generator and of enhanced wireless Internet service throughout the resort are all proposed to be completed this year.

“We also want to try to get the pier done by August,” Gannon said. “We would like to have it done before festive. We are working through that (the Environment Impact Assessment) with the government. We have a lot of data and information that have been collected over the years because this is not our first-time to the rodeo with pier work.  We are more expert to building piers in Nevis than anybody else and we have a lot of historic data. So we are trying to get an understanding as to what exactly the government needs for the pier in particular for us to be able to move that project forward. We honestly believe that we have enough information to be able to present a fully planed package to them.”

Slopp said the pier will be built on steel piles that will driven into the ocean with a pile driving ridge “[that] will pick up the piles and vibrate them down into the sand.” He further noted that he does not think that there will be much use of a hammer, which will make the project easier and faster.

When questioned by the Observer about the effects the new extension will have on motor vessels traveling between the islands, the men noted there will be minimal effects.

“We are going to have buoys [that] will be lit [and have] lights for navigation, so the pier should not affect navigation whatsoever,” Gannon said. “The pier will be sticking out about 65 feet from where the break water is. It is a navigational hazard that the fishermen will have to avoid, but we don’t have any large vessels coming by the resort that close. The water taxis that go out to St. Kitts don’t come that close to us, so it won’t affect them.”.

He added that they are prepared to speak to the fishermen in the community about the upcoming dredging and told fishermen in attendance that they want to ensure all fishermen know of the future plans.

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