A trip to Paris France for two plus accommodation is up for grabs to Federation high school students who can best sing a French tune in the Organization Alliance Française vocal competition slated for April 28.

Speaking at the launch of the competition, Vice President of the organization, Isabel Byron noted that the initiative was that ofthe Director, Marine Moncaut.

“This initiative is one of the creative efforts by the Director Marine, and her staff to try to motivate and encourage persons and attract young persons to do French in school and to choose French subjects of study and to discover through this initiative one of the very rich aspects of the French culture,” Byron said.

The Alliance Française is geared to transmitting the French language and culture by means of teaching (the oral and written language, professional French, literature. organization of cultural and social activities, exchanges and encounters with cultural groups from around the world.

Treasurer for the organization Alex Straun said that Alliance Française is more than just a language facilitation and development organization . “Alliance Française is about fostering culture, the discussion of ideas and the ways of thinking. While we launch this competition, we want you to see Alliance Française as not just a place where you come and learn French but a place where you can come and exchange any amount of languages, where we can speak ofcultural differences. Here is a place of inclusion,” he said.

Continuing he highlighted the importance of learning a new language. “We promote ourselves as a tourism destination and more and more we are seeing not just persons from Europe or the US but also persons from French speaking countries. We cannot, because we speak English seek to stay in that particular silo especially as we open up and welcome all sorts persons to our shore,” he said.

He noted that speaking another language is an opportunityto own “these talents and to encourage the youth to recognize that the world is a diverse place and the world is a very big place and to have the assets of multiple languages will indeed make them competitive, make them an asset to any institution which they will work.”

Registration for the competition opens March 5 and ends March 23. The registration fee is EC$10. The competition is opened to all high school students in the Federation in both private and public schools.

The concept of the song competition is for students to learn song lyrics and to sing in French. The students will be judged on lyrics, rhythm, pronunciation of the lyrics in French, the difficulty of the song and the performances. 30 songs have been pres elected.

Top winners will receive two round trip tickets to Paris France with accommodation. Other prizes include free French classes at Alliance Française, French perfumes and tickets on the Scenic Railway and other goodies.

Fifteenfinalists will perform April 28. The top three will be rewarded.

“It is not a competition of school against school, we are looking for individual creativity and expression of such in this particular competition,” Straun said

Gold sponsors for the competition isScotiabank.Other sponsors include St. Kitts Scenic Railway, Courtesy Rent-a-Car and Island Purified water.