A section of the Island Main Road in Saddlers Village showing the newly constructed pedestrian sidewalks on the right.

Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris has announced his administration is about to deliver more housing solutions through the National Housing Corporation, and will continue in its endeavours to make all communities nicer and more beautiful by the improved infrastructure being carried out everywhere during his monthly press conference held at the Parliamentary Lounge in Government Headquarters, Basseterre on Monday.

“Over 3,000 people have received various forms of housing support,” said Prime Minister Harris. “Homes have been built and I am advised that some are ready for occupancy in St. Peter’s, Crab Hill Sandy Point, Pine Garden, Christchurch, Phillip’s Village, and Bellevue. I suspect we will get more on these from the National Housing Corporation (NHC), and the Hon Eugene Hamilton (the Minister with responsibility for Human Settlements) who is spearheading the revolution in housing.”

Prime Minister Harris said his administration has vigorously embarked on a strategy to beatify communities by focusing on improved infrastructure.

“The build out of roads and sidewalks for the safety of our children, the elderly, our differently abled and indeed all pedestrians has brought a new and improved look in our communities,” he said. “It was heartening to note the pleasant enhancement of Saddlers Village as I walked the full length of this part of our Island Main Road on Saturday during my usual health walk. It dawned on me that the good times are indeed here again. The new ethos of fairness and equity is being practiced for all to see. Every area is being taken care of by the Team Unity Administration.”

During a tour of St. Paul’s last Saturday, Prime Minister Harris assured residents of that focus on infrastructure.

“Communities which for over 30 years suffered for want of paved roads can look forward positively to a major difference in the not too distant future,” he said. “The roads at Camps, and Mattingley and Garvey’s Westland Housing Development for example are out to tender.”

Construction will commence shortly after the tendering processes are satisfactorily completed, he explained.

“My government will be spending millions on roads because the people of Mattingley, Garvey’s Estate, and Camps like our people everywhere (Cayon and Sandy Point for example) deserve better and should not be left behind,” he said.