PM announces a ‘significant’ pay increase for government workers

Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris
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Civil servants, government auxiliary workers, pensioners and STEP workers will receive a significant pay increase Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris has announced.
In his Labour Day Address, Dr Harris announced that civil servants pensioners and STEP workers will benefit from significant increases in wages, salaries and pensions at a rate of 10%.
“This shall be retroactive to January 2022. This is another clear example of our investment in our as we put more money in the pockets of a large number of citizens and residents.”
He said these resources will translate to an increase in the purchasing power of approximately 4000 salaried civil servants, 1064 government auxiliary employees, 1365 pensioners and  2800 STEP workers
“This has the great potential for increased economic activity which will contribute to the economic recovery and generate job creation across our beautiful federation.”
Dr Harris said they also made great strides in the regularizing of step workers into public service.
“The select committee and the human resource management department have completed the work necessary to facilitate the integration of the first group of step workers into the public service as government auxiliary employees
“Over the last two weeks, hundreds have received letters offering permanent employment with the government.”
Dr Harris said that many doubted the government would have gotten this far.
“I say glory to God for his many blessings on workers and country. These workers can now enjoy greater job security and rewards for their contribution to their work and on behalf of the government and people. The regularization will be pursued over the coming months
“This is an example of our government investing in our people as we provide better job security for a relitivly large number of our citizens and residents. “
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