Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas says he can’t say what his government would do if the court set a date by which the motion of no confidence should be tabled. “There is a lot of speculation there. There’s so much speculation that I don’t even know where to begin to answer, so I can’t answer,”he responded to The Observer’s question. “It’s difficult for me to answer that but one thing I want to emphasize, in this democracy in which we are living and which we have tried to enhance and maintain over the last 18/19 years, we have very strict respect for the court.”He said there exists a separation of powers principle under which the powers that be operate- the judiciary, the parliament and the executive. “All of these things at all times are at play as this government tries to find the very best way in moving forward on what is a difficult political issue where the court is involved, the parliament is involved, the executive is involved, and we know that there should a separation of powers,’said PM Douglas. Justice Darshan Ramdhani ruled last week that the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers and Attorney General were not proper defendants in the opposition’s suit involving the motion of no confidence filed in December 2012. The judge said the matter would proceed to trial solely against the Speaker of the National Assembly. Dr. Douglas spoke on the issue of possibly appealing part of the judgment which spoke to the Opposition MPs’ constitutional rights being infringe by the stalling of the tabling the motion in parliament. He said the judge said it was “an implied right”and thus ‘that keeps the door wide open for that first instance judgment to be tested at the higher court”Attorney General Hon. Jason Hamilton confirmed that the government was contemplating appeal. “I don’t think the Prime Minister indicated that there was definitely going to be an appeal. The legal team is reviewing the matter and will advise the relevant parties in due course.”The Unity opposition team maintains that if the Speaker does not “do the right thing”and table the motion for debate, the only thing left for the judge to do when he hears the substantive matter is to declare a timeframe for its tabling and/or debate.