PM: George ‘Washie’ Washington lived life ‘that should be emulated’

Office of the Prime Minister’s press unit


BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – St. Kitts and Nevis’ prime minister, the Dr. Honourable Timothy Harris, joined family, friends and well-wishers Friday in paying final respects to the life and contributions of the late George “Washie” Washington Archibald.

Archibald, 83, passed away June 20 and was accorded an official funeral service by the government of St. Kitts and Nevis at the Zion Moravian Church in Basseterre.

In his tribute to the late educator, Harris described the death of Archibald as “a colossal loss for the people of our country.”

The prime minister told the huge congregation at the church that the leadership spirit exhibited by Archibald is one that should be celebrated and emulated by all. Dr. Harris added, “The path he chose should be viewed as an inspiration for others who are yet to tread in his footsteps. His was a life well-lived: a life of service, selflessness and enlightenment.”

Archibald gave sterling service to his country as an educator, a social and political commentator, an author, a historian, and an editor and regular contributor to several newspapers in the federation.

 “To his family, Washie was inter alia daddy, husband, brother, grandfather and uncle,” Harris said. “To the countless individuals whom he offered a second chance through education at St. Kitts Business College and later Project Strong, he was a mentor, a saviour and a morale booster who taught them to value learning as a means of enlightenment, opportunity, mobility, self-improvement and success. To the students whom he taught at our various high schools, he was a man who demystified subjects such as accounting and commerce, among other subject areas on which he lectured. To the [people] who faithfully looked forward to his editorials and articles in our local newspapers – such as The Democrat, The Opron Star, the Labour Spokesman and The Observer – he was a social commentator who provided a fresh, different, thought-provoking and often controversial perspective on the matters that were confronting our nation and citizens at that particular time in our history.”

In 2015, Archibald was one of seven outstanding nationals of St. Kitts and Nevis who was conferred with the Independence Awards for his contribution to the development of the federation. He was bestowed with the Companion Star of Merit (CSM) award for his contribution to education. In 1998, the Basseterre Junior High School was upgraded to a high school under the name of “Washington Archibald High School” in his honour.