Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris.

by Loshaun Dixon

Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis Dr. Timothy Harris has announced that the government is planning a fiscal response to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Dr. Harris, in a National response on Sunday evening, disclosed the Ministry of Labour and Social Security have spearheaded a dialogue with partners in tourism and manufacturing and are working with employers to coordinate a response to the evolving situation.

“Our social security board will hold a special meeting on Monday to determine its response,” he said.

He said the Ministry of finance was also in the process of planning a response to help mitigate the economic impacts of COVID 19. “Our Ministry of finance has been part of the ministerial outreach and it is fine tuning a government response to a fiscal and economic situation.”

Dr. Harris indicated that the Ministry of Tourism will spearhead outreach with tourism stakeholders as they aim to recalibrate strategies on this important sector.

“I anticipate on Tuesday that we can provide more specifics…at what, we as a small country of limited resources, will do to make our country safer and more resilient in the face of an evolving and externally driven pandemic.

He also noted that it was a not a time for panic and noted that everyone must play a role to protect the Federation

Even though the Federation has remained free of the virus so far, Dr. Harris pointed out it was important to take steps to help keep it that way. “One way is through social distancing. These measures are being implemented based on professional expert advice.”