Minister the Hon. Ian Patches Liburd with a store owner at Amina Craft Market in Port Zante.

Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris, and Minister of Public Infrastructure with responsibility for the St. Christopher Air and Sea Ports Authority the Hon. Ian Patches Liburd paid a visit to vendors at the Amina Craft Market in Port Zante on Boxing Day to witness the functionality and the need for such a facility in light of increased traffic due to the addition of the second cruise pier.

“I welcomed the opportunity that we had to tour several business facilities in St. Kitts including our local people in the Amina Craft Market, and to thank them for sharing with us,” said Prime Minister Harris. “It shows the confidence of the people in the policies of the government. Many of them came personally to thank myself and to thank Minister Liburd for the transformation of the Port Zante in general as a result of the second cruise pier.”

Dr Harris noted that Government will work with all stakeholders, the Department of Tourism, and the vendors at Amina Craft Market to ensure a greater flow of traffic into stores in order to facilitate spending in country by cruise visitors.

“We want all of our local people to consider themselves a successful partner and stakeholder in cruise ship development and in the economic life of St. Kitts and Nevis,” Prime Minister Harris said. “I want to say thanks to the vendors and operators here who shared their views — they were highly complementary of the work of the government.”

Minister Liburd observed that the three cruise ships at Port Zante on Boxing Day brought about 9,000 passengers, with all of the passengers disembarking from one exit in Port Zante, as opposed to some cruise ships docking at the cargo berth as in the past.

“The feedback was really good,” he said. “Their handmade craft is good and we are looking at ways to really give them great exposure to the cruise ship passengers, in fact so that when tourists embark to the taxis they can meander through towards Amina Craft Market and increase their business and that is something we are going to look at.”