PM praises Sugar Mas 48 organisers, security forces and revellers 

Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris joins revellers and onlookers at the Circus in downtown Basseterre for the Last Lap jam session.
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As the curtain came down on Sugar Mas 48 on Thursday night with a hugely successful Last Lap jam session, Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris described the event as spectacular, the largest and most peaceful in recent years.

“I want to commend the organisers of Sugar Mas 48 for what has been the most well attended National Carnival events,” said Dr. Harris, who was among the thousands of revellers that had turned out in downtown Basseterre to witness the event. “All activities of Sugar Mas 48 were well executed and well patronised, including the Last Lap jam session.”

The relatively incident-free Last Lap jam session, which went late into the evening, has gone a long way in marketing the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis as a tourist destination of choice according to Prime Minister, who thanked the thousands of revellers who put country first and prooved to be the best ambassadors of St. Kitts and Nevis.

“Our carnival, which is among that best in the Caribbean, has come of age, and this is what was confirmed to me by the large number of returning nationals and revellers with whom I interacted,” he said. “We also had three cruise ships docked at Port Zante today, and I won’t be wrong in saying that many of the tourists who came out and experienced a snippet of the action will want to return for Sugar Mas 49, not as cruise passengers, but as stay-over visitors for them to fully enjoy all of our carnival activities.”

Prime Minister Harris joined revellers at the Circus, where he met Governor’s Deputy His Excellency Michael Morton and a host of business executives. Others who met the Prime Minister included International Jamaican cricketer and former Captain of the St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots, Mr. Chris Gayle, the recently crowned Senior Calypso King, Socrates — Mr. Sylvester Hodge and hundreds of revellers and onlookers.

Troupes, led by bands and DJs, crisscrossed the streets of downtown Basseterre, some with large numbers of revellers in their wake. A heavy presence by members of the security forces ensured that there were no unseemly incidents.

“Members of our security forces have done an excellent job in maintaining the high level of peace that prevailed at all the Sugar Mas 48 events,” said Prime Minister Harris. “Citizens and residents must also be commended for coming out to participate in activities laid out for them and generally the revellers and onlookers complied with directions from law enforcement officers. It was a real proud moment.

“This gives the country a good head-start as we face the year 2020 which comes to us with promise of better life for our people,” he added. “With the people’s support in the manner they have celebrated activities of Sugar Mas 48, my Team Unity Government is commitment to steer the country to even greater heights in this New Year.”

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