Prime Minister Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris’ describes plans for 2019.

“My fellow citizens and residents.

“My very best wishes are extended to you for 2019. Like a beautiful reflecting pool filled with our wishing coins, the New Year stands before us aglow as a symbol of promise and possibilities for our people and country to achieve even more than we did last year.

“In our moment of retrospection we can pause to reflect on what for St Kitts and Nevis has been a tremendously successful 2018. There is much for us to be grateful about. At the start of 2019, we know that we have an even stronger foundation upon which we will build the future for our beloved Federation and its people.

“It is this idea of positive metamorphosis and transformation that is at the heart of every New Year’s wish and resolution – and it is what guides my Team Unity administration in laying out our New Year’s agenda for the country.

“We commence 2019 from a unique position. Our fiscal health is at its very best. We have no International Monetary Fund (IMF) standby agreement. We paid off the $117 million debt to the IMF in 2016, which was left behind by our predecessors, thereby earning our right to sovereign control over policy prescriptions.

“Having sustained economic growth for four years in a row, we can build on this momentum and continue to create the right economic conditions for citizens and residents in 2019. Our people expect more jobs, the opportunity for higher wages and salaries, increasing Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) and overall improvement in their quality of life.

“In my 2019 Budget Address accompanying the Appropriation 2019 Bill (2018) I outlined several growth drivers of our economy and how we would sustain this progress with greater agricultural production, strengthening the manufacturing sector, a surge in construction and expanding tourism. We budgeted $150 million of capital expenditure to improve the quality of life and living in St Kitts and Nevis. The continuation of the resurfacing of our island main road, the completion of community roads in Molineux, Lodge Project, Cayon, Sandy Point, and Challengers will continue.

“We will continue to invest in the socio-economic infrastructure of the Country. The Old Road Bay Rehabilitation and Expansion project will get started as part of our commitment to rebuild that road in a more resilient way: stronger and better. This is an enduring theme for this Team Unity Government and the country. We anticipate further improvement in our Security infrastructure to with the construction of the Sandy Point Police Station, the completion of our Coast Guard, the Customs Annex building and the widely anticipated Basseterre High School (BHS).

“Our investment in Basseterre High School with its model learning spaces, labs, and emphasis on science, technology, mathematics, engineering, music and arts comes from personal experiences and knowledge of the transformative role of education. Education is the key to opening new paths for everyone and for doing so at every stage of their lives. Those who since 2012 failed the students and staff of Basseterre High School will not be allowed in 2019, to deny our students and teachers the best of their future.

“We have committed to spend over $30 million to reform the education sector focusing on curriculum reform, re-emphasing technical and vocational training, certifying our programmes and lending clarity to the kind of competence our people achieve. There is still much work to be done to close the gap in our security infrastructure.

“We place the health and well-being of our people at the heart of what we do. In the Health sector we expect the St. Peters Health Centre to commence, and the Tabernacle Health Centre to be completed. These centres will be important access points for good quality health care so that people can seek care for themselves and get better faster. We care for our people. The health of our people is critical to the well-being of our nation. We will advance our universal health insurance project.

“These significant central government expenditure projects will be complemented by major investments such as the further build-out of our second cruise pier, housing developments by the National Housing Corporation and the Development Bank through the robust implementation of our Government Employees’ Mortgages Programme. One-hundred-fifty-three applicants will draw down on $30 million invested by our Government. More will come in the human settlement sector.

“By redeeming 500 acres of land we will free up 4,500 plots of land for our young and not so young to own a piece of the rock particularly in Cayon, Lodge, Ottleys and La Vallee. We give wider choice to our people and encourage all to exercise the right to own. All are encouraged to be part of the prosperity agenda.

“Turning to our support for commerce and our commitment to energising business, private sector projects will include the commencement of the restoration and renovation work of Ottley’s Plantation Hotel. Work will continue apace on several hotel properties under construction. TDC Insurance Company Limited (TDC) is to commence a middle/high-income housing development at Dewars and several other projects are to come on stream. We will support all efforts at entrepreneurship, as a vibrant private sector is a sine qua non for economic well-being.

Good Governance

“In addition to creating the right circumstances for businesses and individuals to thrive, we have ensured that we run the business of government by observing the highest standards. In 2019, we shall advance our already expansive delivery of the good governance agenda. We have to date restored our parliament to regular settings.

“Last December, our parliament sat three times. This brings the number of sittings in 2018 to a record 11 meetings in 12 months.

“In 2014, the Parliament met for business only three times. In one month we accomplished what our predecessors took 12 months to do. In December one of these sittings was devoted to debate and vote on the Motion of No Confidence put by the very group that refused to table, debate and vote on three Motions of No Confidence submitted to the National Assembly during 2012 and 2013.

“The former regime refused to allow a debate and vote on the Motions of No Confidence, even when it was clear it did not command the support of a Majority of MPs. Yet with such an abominable record, the Opposition called for an urgent debate on an ill-conceived Motion.

“We are committed to a better way and this includes observing the principles of democracy. We facilitated the Motion of No Confidence and it was defeated, in fact becoming a vote of confidence in this government, in what it has achieved and in what it plans to do going forward on behalf of our people. Democracy is at an all time high, firm and secure under Team Unity.

“Team Unity has advanced the good governance agenda further than its predecessors by:

1. Passing the Freedom of Information Act;

2. Operationalization of the Integrity in Public Life Act;

3. Passing the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Act. This Act has been hailed by the former Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Baldwin Spencer as a landmark legislation advancing the work of the PAC. Our Director of Audit and Accountant General hailed the passage of the Act as an encouraging development in good governance;

4. We have opened up the state own broadcasting station to the extent that news items are made of press conferences by the Opposition. An historic first. Another historic first during the last 20 plus years has been the airing of the Christmas Day address by the Leader of the Opposition on state owned Radio and TV. This facility was never given to former Leaders of the Opposition;

5. We have improved access to justice by increasing the number of resident judges available in Basseterre. Additionally, we intend to open a family and juvenile Court, thereby protecting our young people and enhancing juvenile justice while simultaneously providing better opportunities to resolve family issues;

6. We will tackle the matter of marijuana decriminalization or legalization;

7. New policies and legislation to enhance the good governance agenda will be acted on in 2019. We will move ahead with legislation on term limits, electoral reform, the reform of CBI, and we will legislate on reasonable time for debating and voting on Motions of No Confidence. No Parliament should be held hostage to the dictates of creeping dictatorship evidenced prior to February 2015. We will amend the act on public service to enhance the rights of civil servants while simultaneously protecting the government from those who wish to sabotage and stymie its functioning.

The Society We Deserve

“I am honoured and privilege to be afforded the opportunity to serve my country and beloved citizens and residents as Prime Minister. It’s an awesome and onerous responsibility. With God’s help and the prayers of many we have kept Team Unity alive and well. We intend over the next 10 years to open new paths for all our people.

“That is why I was personally moved to assist directly nearly 4,000 families with a top up of EC $500 monthly. These persons have been touched by our caring government and their lives have been made better for it. Some people do need a helping hand to enable them to enjoy a life full of choice and independence. Thousands have had their lives improved – homes repaired and renovated, grants for farming and fishing, jobs created, their sons and daughters put on scholarships.

“My government will always be compassionate and have a heart for the poor. We will implement programmes to help more of the sons and daughters of poor families and we will empower those with rough beginnings to improve their lives, standing and status by adapting to a life of responsibility.

“The task of National building calls for a progressive agenda for St Kitts and Nevis. We aim for a society where every boy and girl, man and woman should be able to go as far as their talent, ambition and effort take them. We aim for a society that is just and everyone accepts his or her obligations and responsibilities.

“I remain committed to the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis being a great equalizing nation where it is possible to rise to greatness no matter what family you are born into – indeed, even if you grew up walking barefooted and wearing patched clothes, each and every one of you can travel the path to success and respectability, and each and every one of us can rise – in standing and stature like so many have done bringing joy and inspiration to our families, communities and nation.


“If as a Country we are to remain ahead of the game we need our people to seize the opportunities as they emerge so that we can continue to be stronger and better. This means being disciplined, productive and showing greater creativity in solving problems and exercising choices for our upliftment and that of our Country.

“Our Cabinet is excited about 2019. We feel that our country and people are favoured by God. Let us therefore go forward together in this New Year building a stronger and better future for all. To God Be the Glory.

“I Thank You.”