PM Sacks 6 Cabinet Ministers; Dissolves Parliament 

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Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis Dr the Hon. Timothy Harris has sacked six cabinet members and has asked Governor-General Sir Tapley Seaton QC to dissolve the parliament in preparation for fresh elections.

Dr Harris in a National Address on Tuesday disclosed that Deputy Prime Minister Richards has not attended cabinet for 91 days while none of the CCM representatives and only one of the PAM representatives have attended any meeting of the cabinet in recent weeks.

“While others neglected their duty, and fail to attend cabinet meetings I must commend the members of the cabinet who continue to show great respect for the institution of the Cabinet and for giving yeoman service to their country. We have been focused on delivering for you.”

Dr Harris said he had listened to the citizens and residents lament about this “irresponsible and flagrant disregard for their sworn duty to the Cabinet and by extension our people.”

“The current situation cannot continue…Throughout this process, I have been reasonable but resolute in my commitment to ensuring that the government was delivering for you. It is for this reason that I have taken the difficult but necessary step to remove from their position those who have shown a disinterest in their duties.

“I have asked his excellency to reassign their portfolios to members who are willing and able to deliver for you.”

Dr Harris said he asked the Governor-General to remove Richards as Deputy Prime Minister and appoint Eugene Hamilton to the office.

“The Honourable Hamilton has been steadfast and responsible in discharging his duties as a minister of the Prortfolis assigned to him.

“I have asked his excellency to revoke the appointments of other Ministers who have thought it fit to disrespect the sacred trust the People of St Kitts and Nevis placed in the government following the successful election of 2020.”

He added that Mark Brantley, Jonel Powell, Alexis Jeffers, Eric Evelyn, and Lindsay Grant have been stripped as ministers of government.

“Government must continue to function in the interest of the people.”

The Prime Minister said he also asked the GG to release the portfolios of these members that have been removed.

Wendy Phipps will assume the responsibility for tourism and transport including port. AG Byron will assume the responsibility for foreign affairs and aviation, education youth and sports. Akilah Byron Nisbett will have added the portfolio for culture. Agriculture, fisheries,  marine resources and the environment will be now part of the Ministry of sustainable development.

“I am confident that the government will continue to deliver for our country as well as we have delivered over the past seven years.”

He added that he also asked the GG to dissolve Parliament effective May 10 2022

“I will advise you when general elections will be held.”


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