PM to Rotate One-on-One consolations: Constituency Number Six Next 

Mr. Ezekiel Wattley, of Mansion, was the first person to see Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris at one-on-one consultations held Saturday.
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Prime Minister and Area Parliamentary Representative for Constituency Number Seven (Bellevue to Ottley’s), Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris, held an extended one-on-one consultations session with his constituents Saturdayat the constituency office on Main Street in Tabernacle.

“Today we intend to cater for the constituents of Number Seven,” said Prime Minister Harris. “In our public notice, promotion of this event, we indicated that this was a special session for one-on-one interactions between the parliamentary representative and the constituents of Bellevue to Ottley’s.”

It was noted while there was need for constituents to have more time with their parliamentary representative, people from other constituencies have shown up and efforts have been made to accommodate them.

Prime Minister Harris advised he wants to have unique sessions where constituents could more leisurely interact with their MP and under those circumstances he would prefer that other appointments be made for non-constituents, so one-on-one consultations would be held in rotation to allow persons to meet with their prime minister in their own constituencies instead of travelling to other constituencies.

“The next one-on-one interactions we intend to have will be in Constituency Number Six. I have been in Number Two, and I have been in Number Three,” he said. “I should also say that this office is now fully functional and we will have at least two persons available each day, Monday to Friday, to do a number of things — take notes of persons wanting to meet with the prime minister, and conveying that information to the Prime Minister’s office in Basseterre.”

The office will also assist persons to fill out application forms for land, passports and the Poverty Alleviation Programme, among others, so that persons don’t have to seek to see the prime minister to get their forms filled.

The one-on-one session on Saturday went beyond the advertised time of 1-3:30 p.m..

Prime Minister Harris said the one-on-one sessions are useful because they help him to deliver more effective service to the constituents.

“I have taken note of them and will try my endeavour best to bring results in those areas, based on the information they have presented, and I think that we can bring some relief,” said Dr. Harris. “I like these sessions — I enjoy doing them because it gives me a kind of a first-hand sense of what is happening; the reality of people’s lives and their living conditions which is helpful in helping us as a government to bring policy prescriptions that matter, and which bring useful assistance to the lives of our people.”

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