PM updates on development projects

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By L.K. Hewlett

St. Kitts Reporter

Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis Hon. Denzil Douglas has said that most of the development projects alleged to be stalled are actually quite active and moving forward.

“Kittitian Heights, now renamed Kittitian Hill, as far as I am aware is ongoing and actively being pursued. Work for the first villa or condo is presently underway. The access roads to the site have already been cut, the area has been landscaped and people are continuously employed there. When I had my last visit it seemed to be on target,” he said.

Douglas spoke of a recent visit to Beaumont Park Development and said he was satisfied that a lot of work had been done.

“Six stables have been constructed, each holding as many as twenty horses. I noticed that the steel frame for the main pavilion is now being erected and construction is actively taking place. I can see that the dog track has been completed, it has not yet been paved but the entire perimeter fence has been put in place. The fence for the horse track has been put in place and that too needs to be paved,” Douglas stated.

The Prime Minister said despite rumours to the contrary, persons were employed in the construction of the facility. He also confirmed that there had been some setbacks with heavy rains a few months ago but assured that things were ‘under control’.

“I know that they did have some women workers there who were temporarily let off, but I understand that it was because of some technical problems that arose,” he said.

Speculation had been rampant that the investors undertaking the development were facing financial difficulty which, they said, accounted for the delays in completion of the projects.

Douglas offered no update to the Dolphin Park project, but said that phase one of the La Valle development project had been completed.

“Phase one was to give you the 18-hole golf course, it was to have the club house constructed and also to have the desalination and generating pants put in. The generating plant and the desalination plant has been put in. The car track on the golf course that leads you from one hole to the next has been put in. The shape of the golf course has been completed; eighteen holes were done but I think about ten holes have run away and eight have been maintained. Provision has been made for the construction of the clubhouse but that has not happened yet,” he explained.

Douglas noted that phase two had been signed on as well and that the financing had been obtained from a trust company out of Trinidad and Tobago.

“Phase two has not really been started. It involves the putting in of the infrastructure; water roads electricity, telephones. What is being discussed at this time is the possibility of this particular business being transferred to a new developer to take the project from phase one through to the different phases, up to phase four,” the finance minister said.

Douglas said he understood that by the end of April, the government would be properly briefed by the trust company and those responsible for the negations with the new developers, as to the exact state of the project.

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