Police ‘Actively Pursuing’ Guyana Coconut Killings Suspects.

File photo. Who killed these boys in Berbice Guyana? If you have information, speak to the police.
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Georgetown, Guana–September 14th,2020–After coming in for some criticism in local media, the Guyana Police Force has released a statement via chief media relations office Royston Andries-Junor with some updates on the investigation into the murder of two teenagers, Joel and Isaiah Henry, whose bodies were found in a coconut patch, apparently having been hacked to death on September 6th, 2020.

The family of the boys had said that they left home to pick coconuts, but a search was started when they did not come home after some hours.

At the weekend  Demerara Waves Web site reported that the Guyana Police Force “remained virtually tight-lipped for a fourth straight day on the status of investigations into the several killings on the West Coast Berbice over the past week”, and that “the police force spokesman, Assistant Commissioner Royston Andries-Junor’s responses were few and far apart and largely maintained the official line that investigations were continuing.”

On Sunday night, he said “there is no update at this time” but when pressed on whether anyone was still in custody, he said: “Yes. Don’t have further details.”

Now Andries-Junor has released a more detailed press statement which says that “the investigators assigned to this probe are committed to discovering the truth about the circumstances surrounding this gruesome murder.”

The statement goes on to say that there was initial difficulty in getting to the crime scene due to roads being blocked, but that preliminary finding were that the bodies of the Henry boys had been moved from the place where they were killed to where the bodies were found.

Evidence from the area where the bodies were discovered had been submitted to the Guyana Forensic Laboratory for DNA analysis to be conducted. DNA samples were also collected from suspects who were in custody and sent for a comparative analysis to be conducted against the forensic evidence collected from the secondary crime scene.  Results are expected within three weeks.

The investigators are still trying to find the original crime scene where the murders took place and have received some tips from members of the public.

All of the suspects who were originally arrested have been released on bail, but police are ‘actively pursuing’ two additional suspects, who have not been named, the statement said.



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