By Floyd French

Observer Reporter

The recently launched Police Boys Club is appealing to the general public for support to help curb instances of antisocial behaviour.

Sergeant Adolf Adams of the Royal St. Kitts-Nevis Police said the force is being proactive and trying to tackle crime before it happens.

“The police have realised that many of the challenges to policing involve young people,” he said.

“We want to teach the boys to forgive and walk away from conflict or to find resolve conflict peacefully,” he said.

Adams outlined some of the activities the club is currently pursuing.  This weekend the club plans to hike into the mountain and next weekend the club will attend church.  The following weekend will be a trip to Nevis to socialize with its Nevisian counterpart.

These activities require assistance.  Adams hopes to have some form of uniform to identify club members.  He wants it to be a T-shirt with logo of the Police Boys Club.

“It would be nice, let’s say, for the church service to have them wear a T-shirt which identifies them as members,” he stated.

He recognised that the activities and projects can be a financial burden and urged assistance from businesses and other members of the community.

“These activities can be a bit costly in order for us to be successful so any assistance would be appreciated,” said Adams .

Adams, however, stressed that volunteering time can be more valuable than donating money.

“We want the general public to come on board with a partnership,” he said.  He outlined that people can volunteer to lead, teach and counsel the boys.

The Police Boys Club is the brain child of Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Liburd, Adams said. Public Relations Officer for the police, Inspector Cromwell Henry described the nature of antisocial behaviour in the Federation as instances of crime targeted at others in public.  “If you attack a person in a crowd for whatever reason, that is antisocial behaviour,” he said.  Henry also added that antisocial behaviour includes gang related activities such as gang members attacking people in an attempt to protect their turfs.