Police Briefs: Suspect Charged in Shooting Incident, High Command Condemns All Acts of Violence

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The High Command commended the officers for their quick reponse to Sunday’s shooting incident, when a lone gunman on a motorcyclye opened firealong the stretch of Cayon Street leading up to the Queen Victoria Roundabout near the Basseterre Police Station, as well as several other businesses.

Despite the threat posed by the gunman, officers moved swiftly to capture the perpetrator, High Command noted in a press release Tuesday. It also noted on that same day, the suspect was located and taken into custody, as well as the firearm and motorcycle that were used to carry out the incident.

As a result of the investigations, Alexander Samuel of Conaree Village was formally charged Tuesday for the offences of Discharging a Loaded Firearm in a Public Place, Possession of Firearm, Possession of Ammunition and Possession of Firearm with Intent to Endanger Life. He remains in police custody.

“We have said before, and will reiterate again today, that we will not tolerate any act of violence. The mere fact that this individual was brazen enough to conduct himself in this way in the vicinity of a Police Station shows a lack of respect for the law, law enforcement personnel and society,” The High Command said, adding it “condemns this irresponsible and disrespectful act. During this period when the Federation is experiencing decreased levels in violent crimes and a renewed sense of peace, we want to send a strong message to the perpetrators of crime that any disruption to the peace will be stamped out. We also denounce the circulation of rumours that the Police Station was attacked. This was never the case. While we understand that the matter is deeply troubling, peddling such false information never serves any useful purpose and only creates hysteria among the public.”

The High Command urged all citizens and residents of the Federation to say something if you see or hear something, noting information given to authorities could very well be the information needed to stop criminal activity in its tracks or to take a criminal off the street, and thanked all who have been sharing information and have been instrumental in some of the successes police have been celebrating..

Frigate Bay Traffic Accident Under Investigation

A traffic accident in the Frigate Bay area involving pedestrian Cornell Warner of Conaree and motor omni taxi bus T3948, owned and was driven by Samuel Glasford of Dieppe Bay, is being investigated.

At aspproximately 3:45 a.m. Saturday, T3948 was travelling from Basseterre along the Island Main Road to the Taxi Stand in Frigate Bay when it collided with Warner, who was walking from the golf course area into the main road, in the vicinity of Anchorage Road

Warner sustained several broken bones and other injuries and was transported to the JNF General Hospital via ambulance. He is currently warded in stable condition.

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