Police to change methods to adapt to more sophisticated criminals

ACP Andre Mitchell Head of Crime Directorate
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By Loshaun Dixon

Basseterre, St. Kitts –The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force is adapting its strategies in crime fighting in order to cope with the ever-evolving cleverness of criminals and crimes committed in the federation.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Andre Mitchell speaking recently on the sophistication of the crimes now being committed stated that there has been multiple murders and robberies being committed over the years with a certain degree of aggressiveness.

“What we have been seeing lately is the method employed by these criminals has increasingly changed,” he said.

He added that the High Command of the police force has put measures in place to address these problems.

“We have also encouraged persons in the business community to put measures in place to protect themselves and their businesses and their stakeholders.”

Mitchell indicated that to fight against crime, the measures and methods employed to  criminals have to be wholesome. “So, we are encouraging persons who are vulnerable to these types of crimes to put measures in place to protect their businesses,” he said.

Mitchell further promised that there will be an evolution into the way the police operate, including an increased presence and a change in the methods of investigations.

“Because we recognize that we are living in a changing environment and the strategies employed a number of years ago might be outdated, the [use of] forensic and CCTV are important measures we are putting in place to address these problems,” he said.

He  urged individuals who see a crime being committed to bring the information forward. “We want to encourage [people] to say something,” he said, stating that the department is cognizant of the fact that there is an issue with witnesses coming forward to participate in the justice system.

“People who are witnesses of these crimes are somewhat encouraging persons to commit these crimes by not coming forward,” Mitchell said. “We also see [people] who have been caught and are on bail  employing different measures to prevent themselves from being caught.”

He  delivered a stern warning to individuals who choose to follow a life of crime: “We will be aggressive, we will not tire and we will not relent in our effort to catch these criminals and bring them before a court of justice.”

The police also plan to clamp down on tinted vehicles that are above the legal limit. Commissioner of Police Ian Queeley stressed that the legally accepted limit for the tints was 35 percent and he promised anyone over that limit would be taken to court. Violaters could face a fine up to $5000.


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