July 26 — According to a press release from Police PRO Inspector Zenhastel Hector, officers of the Traffic Department assisted By officers of the SSU and Anti-Narcotic Unit conducted a Vehicle Checkpoint Operation (VCP) at three locations on the outskirts of Basseterre on Wednesday, July 21. The release stated, in part: “The stated objective of the operation was to ensure compliance with the road traffic regulations, while detecting and suppressing criminal activity. Over 300 vehicles were stopped and checked during the operation. Two persons were arrested for driving without a driver’s licence and for permitting another person to drive without insurance. Five tickets were issued for driving without a valid driver’s licence, driving with defective tyre, driving with defective number plate, and driving an unlicensed vehicle.” In addition, 164 vehicles’ window tints were inspected for the light transmittance percentage and were found to be darker than the 35 percent permitted. The drivers of these vehicles were asked to have the tints removed on site and were warned, the release said. The Traffic Department continues to urge drivers to ensure that their vehicles are in compliance with the provisions of the traffic regulations.