One of the newest members of the Police Force caught ‘smuggling weed”has been convicted of a drug offense. 20-year-old Constable Kevin Adams appeared at the Charlestown Magistrate Court earlier today (Oct 8). He was convicted of possession of Cannabis with intent to supply and fine $10, 000. The fine is to be paid within 6 months or he will serve 3 years in jail if in default. Information reaching the Observer Adams, a Taylors resident who graduated police training in February and assigned to work in Nevis, had been under surveillance by other officers for quite some time. Adams left St. Kitts aboard the Sea Bridge on Sunday evening and was stopped and searched when the Bridge docked in Cades Bay, Nevis. It was then that police found marijuana on his person. Reports reaching this publication are that Adams told the police officers that the cannabis was not his. Police PRO, Inspector Lyndon David confirmed that Adams was subjected to disciplinary hearing and was found guilty of discreditable conduct. He also informed that “dismissal was recommended”.