Commissioner of Police Ian M. Queeley has released a statement on the death of Sergeant Leon Dascent Powell

Police have received further backing highlighted by a new mobile unit to help increase their mobility and assist in their policing initiatives as they try to combat crime in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Commissioner of Police speaking recently commended the Government for its continued investment in the national security architecture adding that  in December of 2017 they acquired a second police mobile unit that cost in excess of $270,000 USD as well as a number of Segways.

Queeley said the new equipment will be used to enhance their mobility and visibility in and around the city centre as well as the ports. “We will continue to maintain operational tempo by executing search warrants, stop and search operations, and the searches of abandoned premises and derelict vehicles,” the Commissioner stated.

Commissioner Queeley stated that the high command will also continue to seek out training opportunities for officers and sees capacity building as a key ingredient for a progressive police force. He said,  “We were able to have a number of Police Officers receive training in several areas, both local, regionally and internationally and a number of them have enrolled in various universities, even the University of the West Indies through our distance learning centre here.

“This we believe will certainly add to the collective skills and competencies that already exists with the force,” said Queeley.

Describing the new mobile police unit Queeley stated that it will satisfy the needs of the officer who are set to operate it. ”It is self-contained, providing officers with most of what they need. With a galley a work area three monitors for surveillance purposes and also a conference room.

“The conference room has audio-visual equipment for meetings and the work area is also complete with communication ports and electrical outlets,” the Commissioner added.

He further noted that unit also includes communication ports, internet, radio, and telephone. “It also has external perimeter cameras for the security of the vehicle, plus a pole-mounted PZP camera with a 360-degree view of the surrounding for surveillance.

“The pole can be extended up to ten feet above the truck for extra reach. It also has three power sources which are independent of each other. I must say that the camera can provide coverage up to one mile,” Queeley disclosed.

Since taking office the Dr. Timothy Harris led administration has invested unprecedented amount of funds into National Security and has challenged the Police high command to deliver a “peace return” on the investment that has been made.