Analdo Brown Resident of the house shot at

By Monique Washington

The quiet village of Rawlins Pasture was stunned on early Wednesday evening by the sound of gunshots.

According to the police report they are, “investigating a shooting incident with intent that occurred around 7:45p.m. Wednesday (April 13) in the Rawlins Pasture area in Newcastle.  Investigations have revealed that a group of three persons pulled up at a friend’s home for a social call and upon exiting their vehicle were shot at by an unknown assailant(s) driving by in a vehicle. No one was injured. The scene was processed by the police.”

The Observer understands that Analdo Brown of Rawlins Pasture, a resident of the house shot at was at home cutting someone’s hair. A vehicle pulled up and an occupant began shooting into the house. The young men in the house ran and the vehicle drove off.

The police are urging anyone who saw anything out of the ordinary in the area last night to “convey information to the police. Residents are encouraged to call any Police Station or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-8477(TIPS).”