A St. Kitts man has been charged with the 2008 murder of Nevisian Leon “Gravo”Westerman; however it appears he had already been charged for the same murder two years prior. The Observer has confirmed that Craig Halliday of Sprott Street was, within the past week, arrested and charged with Westerman’s murder. Westerman, 28, was shot multiple times about his body while at a bar on Main Street, Charlestown on January 28, 2008. Halliday, it was reported in the media, was charged with the crime in 2012 and his Preliminary Inquiry was set for March 2013 at the Nevis Magistrate Court. Whether or not the charge was withdrawn at that time is unclear, however police confirmed that Halliday was “free”until recently when he was remanded to prison. It was not explained if his recent remand was for the murder or an unrelated matter, only that he was already in police custody when charged with Westerman’s murder. Halliday is the third person to be charged in the cold case. On January 19, 2014, Asim “Sim”Parris, 35, of Stoney Grove was formally arrested and charged for the murder of Westerman. Three days later (Jan 22) Dexter “Pilikin”Sommersal of Prickley Pear Alley, St. Kitts was arrested and charged for the murder. Both were remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison.