Michael 'Boy' Daniel

Complainant “kicked” his way to safety

By Monique Washington

The high command of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force are mum on actions that will or have been taken about an officer and a solider that allegedly robbed and kidnapped a business man in Nevis.

The Observer made attempted to contact the Commissioner of Police Ian Queely on Thursday but was told he was not there, the Observer then spoke to Assistant Commissioner of Police Terrance James. When questioned about the status of the police of officer as to whether they had been suspended or charged with any crime the Observer was referred to police a press release which states “An investigation into a Police vehicle accident and a subsequent report of robbery against the patrol team driving the vehicle have come under the scrutiny of local media houses.”

It further quotes ACP Hilroy Brandy saying “Police investigations requires time and thoroughness to ensure the protection of the rights of all involved”

A statement released by the police on January 12 states “Initial investigations revealed, that the patrol responded to a call of a suspicious vehicle in the Rawlins Village area.  Upon arrival, the officers stopped and spoke to an individual who they later offered a  lift home. The investigation also revealed that the after leaving the residence, and while driving in the Indian Castle area, the officers heard a noise on the roof of the pick-up truck and then saw the individual given the ride attempting to enter the cab of the vehicle.  Investigations revealed that from the roof, the individual struck the officer in the face, and started to pull the steering wheel, causing the driver to lose control and collide with a parked excavator. The Police Officer was accompanied on patrol by a member of the Defence Force.Both occupants were taken to the Alexandra Hospital for treatment. The Police officer remained for observations.”

The Observer contacted the virtual compliant Michael “Boy” Daniel on Wednesdaywho said that police’s statements of events are false.

According to the official compliant statement obtained by the Observer the virtual compliant Daniel states that “during my sleep I felt someone searching me and when I opened my  eyes I realize someone had my wallet in their hands taking out my money the person then threw the wallet back into my jeep. I picked up my wallet and realized that the money was gone,”

He claims that at the time there was US $600 in his wallet and when the person threw the wallet back in there was no money. He further states that when he got out of his vehicle he noticed that one of the men had on army clothing and a long gun and the other had one  wore dark colored clothes with the words “police” in the back.

“I also saw a white pickup truck. I think the word police was on it. I have seen it many times before and I know it is a police vehicle because of the blue light on top of it,” he states.

Daniel sates that after he began making noise for his money the police officer told his to “shut your mouth. You drunk”

“I continued to make noise and by doing so he said he was going to lock me up.”

He said the officer summoned the solider for his handcuffs. He said that he told the officer that he was not going to handcuff him and the officer then pulled Daniels key out of the ignition. Daniel states that he told the officer that he wanted to make a formal compliant at the Gingerland Police Station and he needed back his keys. When the officer refused to give him back his key he told the officer “I am jumping to the back of the truck. I want you to take me to the Gingerland police station.”

Daniel states that the officer never replied “I then jumped in the truck and sat in the back of the tray and asked him to take me to the Gingerland police station .”

Continuing he alleges that the officer told him “if you want to die tonight we gone kill you”

Daniels states that when the vehicle took off from Rawlins with him in the back he thought they would have taken him to the Gingerland police station, but when they got to Market Shop and the vehicle did not make a left turn he knew something was wrong . He noted that the vehicle was driving very fast.

“When he got to the vicinity of the Community Center in Hanley Road I Managed to get up from the bottom of the pickup started beating my hands on  the top of the truck asking him to put me off here”.

He states the vehicle was coming to a very dark area where only animal resides which made him scared for his life.

“I slipped myself on the top of the truck, I barely held on to the signal lights… I slipped my two feet in the driver’s window, my buttocks feel on the ridge of the door. The officer opened the door pulling it back and forth like he wanted me to fall off. As the door was coming back in, I started kicking him in the upper part of his body,” he states.

Daniel noted that at that time the officer lost control of the vehicle and collided with an excavator.

“I went flying in the air. I dropped I rolled and I got up. As I was preparing to take off for my life the driver of the vehicle which was the police office said don’t run I am going to shoot you. But I dive off my feet and through some bushes fell, rolled over and get up again.” He said.

He noted that eventually he made it to a friend’s house who suggested that he not stay at home that night. He claims that he did not and in the morning sought his attorney Henry Browne QC and made a formally report to the police station.

The police states the investigation into this matter is still ongoing.