RAPE ACCUSED Adrian Patrick

By LR Liburd

St. Kitts-Nevis Observer 

A man suspected of raping a young woman in her Phillip’s Village home on Monday (Apr. 4) was arrested and charged on Tuesday (Apr. 12) with the offence.

A police report, which gave the young man’s name as Adrian Patrick of Phillip’s Village, stated that he was arrested and formally charged with the offence of rape following investigations by officers of the Special Victims Unit (SVU).

It however did not mention anything about charges for attempted murder; an offence which residents of that village had accused the young man of perpetrating.

Late last week, The Observer received an email from a concerned resident of Phillip’s Village who stated that since reporting the incident on the day it occurred “there was little to no response from the police in the area”.

The person also said, “The people in the area are very concerned. Some even fear for their kids life since the rapist is now walking around with his gun in his hip from since the talk has been out that he was the one to brutalize the young woman. Can you please help by getting the police or politicians to respond…we are not all monsters in Phillip’s Village.”

After being aware of the villagers’ concern, The Observer contacted the Commander of Division ‘B’, Superintendent Lionel Moore, who debunked the allegation made about the police and informed that they had received a report on the incident and officers of the SVU were investigating.

The Superintendent also noted that the investigators were making progress but he could not at that time divulge additional information.

On receipt of the police report, this media house again contacted Moore to find out if accused man was on bail or remanded to prison.

“We had arrested Patrick on Saturday and he was charged on Tuesday. I do know that he’s still in police custody but I cannot say if he was remanded to prison at this time,” Moore said..

He however pointed out that the accused man would not be denied his right to bail application and a magistrate would determine if he should be remanded or not.