Police National Intervention Team initiative helps persons-in-need

    Police National Intervention Team distributing care packages to Taylors and Conaree residents.
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    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts — Mable Morris of Conaree and Shakeem Walters of Taylors were the most recent beneficiaries of the National Invention Team’s (NIT) initiative to deliver care packages to persons-in-need.
    Two packages were delivered this week for August and September as the NIT endeavours to provide one package for distribution per month.

    The team surprised 82-year-old Mable Morris with groceries and other supplies to assist with her living conditions. During a previous visit to her home, she described to the officers her need for assistance. She lives alone and has little family support.

    Ms. Morris disclosed to Inspector Rosemary Isles-Joseph that to make ends meet she sells green bananas and other produce from her yard. She expressed her appreciation to the inspector and her team for remembering her and returning with the items.

    “I appreciate this very much …I thank you all for remembering me, especially the Inspector, I thank her very much too,” said Ms. Morris. “I usually say the Lord will provide, he knows when you need and he sends somebody to say go and give such and such a person this.”

    The other recipient was Shakeem Walters, better known as “Hotness,” who was shot and seriously injured in 2012. As a result, he lost his sight and was paralyzed from the waist down. Information reached the team that the family needed assistance. The NIT visited his home this week for the first time with the care package. Shakeem’s mother, Shermin Walters, lauded the Police’s initiative to help her son and hopes they will continue these visits.

    “I am very grateful that they remembered us,” said Mrs. Walters. “I want to say thanks to who organized it and the Police for taking time out [to] distribute these little gifts to my son. He appreciates it very much and I just want to thank the officers.”

    Inspector Isles-Joseph said that she and the team were touched by the stories shared with them about the two individuals.

    “The two situations are very different, but still touch you the same way,” said Inspector Isles-Joseph, “these are the kinds of people we are looking for to help every month.”

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