Police reveal statistics that shows crime up in the Federation

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Basseterre, St. Kitts-The police are reporting that crime in St Kitts and Nevis has increased by 56.8% in 2016 after they finally released crime statistics last week.
Reported crimes in 2016 was increased to 1,643, compared to 1,048 in 2015, with The number of homicides increasing from 28 to 31 over the same period, to record an increase of over 10%.
Break -ins also increased from in 2016 form 242 in 2015 to 415, an increase of over 71% with larcenies increasing by 81%, going from 215 to 390. However robberies decreased by over 12%, falling from 65 in 2015 to 57 last year.
The largest increase however came in the incidences of ‘shooting at with intent’ had a troubling increase of 160%, rising from 10 to 26 over the time span reported with wounding by firearms decreased by 66% from 15 to five, while wounding by other means rose by 65%, rising from 69 in 2015 to 114 in 2016.
Sex crimes including rape, indecent assault and unlawful carnal knowledge also increased by 25%, going from 36 to 45.
Drug offences, namely possession, trafficking, importation of illegal drugs, went from 204 to 275, an increase of 34%.
Malicious damage, arson reports almost doubled in 2016 from 2015 going from 86 in 2015 to167, an increase of 94%.
Felonies under the category of other crimes rose from 29 to 47 over the same period.
Commissioner of Police Ian Queeley indicated that the detection rate for 2016 was 34.6% and though it was above the internationally accepted standard he was not satisfied with that number.
“Although the 35 percent detection rate is above the internationally accepted standard we are still not satisfied with that and it should it noted that notwithstanding the slight decrease, there was an overall increase in criminal cases detected by 171 over 2015.  We may have had two percent decrease in the detection rate but when compared to the amount of crimes that were reported in 2016 over 2015, we have made over 171 more arrests.”
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