By John Denny

Nevis Reporter

(Charlestown) – A 24 year old man and one juvenile received EC$1,000 fines and two juveniles had convictions noted after being caught playing cards for money in Cotton Ground on April 23.

Rolling onto the scene disguised as a dump truck driver, police sprang into the card game with a pistol drawn and arrested the criminals. Emptying their pockets, the police seized over EC$106.

One at a time, three of the four defendants held a bible and took an oath then testified they were not playing for money and the cops were lying, but their defense took a sinking hit when one of the accused began his testimony with “When we were caught gambling…”

Two of the accused were wearing school uniforms. The youngest, 14, testified that the EC$12 the police confiscated from him, was his lunch money

Defense attorneys tried to claim the law does not cover private property, but the Magistrate read the law further and said the prosecution had satisfied the court.

Magistrate Clarke listened to the testimony and then chided the accused and told them she had no doubt they were gambling.

“What bothers me is when they take the Holy Bible in their hand, swear to tell the truth and the first thing that comes out of his mouth is lies,” her Worship said.

Pointing at the clock the Magistrate said that much more business could have been conducted in her court if she had not had to listen to their perjury.

She warned the youngest two to stay away from the other juvenile because he had previous convictions for gambling. Her Worship released the school children with a warning that if they were caught gambling or if they came before her lying again they would face strokes from the cane.

The other two have three months to pay or they will do three months in jail.