Caribbean Cove Interior and walls burnt.

By Monique Washington

A suspicious fire that burnt the interior and walls of the Caribbean Cove in Charlestown is being investigated by the police. The Charlestown Fire Department responded to a fire at the popular entertainment spot after midnight on Friday, April 8. The establishment is closed until the police investigation is completed and repairs are made.

Charlestown Fire StationOfficer David Stapleton said they responded the fire and extinguished it immediately. He noted bar tops and parts of the walls burned. He was unable to say how the fire started.

Caribbean Cove owner, Deputy Premier of Nevis Hon. Mark Brantley said via social media the police suspect foul play.

“Sadly, the police became involved as the stench of gasoline was heavy at the property,” Hon. Minister Brantley explained. “It now seems someone deliberately tried to destroy the property using gasoline and setting it on fire.”

On Wednesday, the Observer contacted Hon. Minister Brantley.Heconfirmed the establishment had been damaged, but had no idea when it would be up and running again.

“We will have to evaluate the damages but we have not done so as yet,” he said.

Brantley said the fire department had filed a report with the police. They are investigating the fire, but its cause has not been confirmed. He would not speculate whyanyone would want to burn the Caribbean Cove, an establishment that has been in operation for years.

Hon. Minister Brantley applauded the citizen who saw the fire, contacted him and 911. He also congratulated the efficiency of the firefighters, who extinguished the fire and police officers who arrived on the scene quickly.

“I wish to publicly thank the gentleman who showed enough interest and empathy to call me at that hour,” Hon. Minister Brantley said. “I didn’t know then, but he also called 911. I also immediately called 911 after receiving his call.”

“I am happy to say firefighters responded within minutes,” Hon. Minister Brantley said.“Due to their rapid response my property was saved from being burnt to the ground. I publicly thank them for their incredible performance.”