Superintendant for Division A, Cromwell Henry.

Superintendent for Division A, Cromwell Henry encouraged the public to adhere to the usual security protocols put in place to ensure a safe Carnival season with the celebration of Sugar Mas 48 now underway while appearing on a recent edition of the “Policing With You” programme.

“This is the 48th edition of Carnival and I’m sure, by now, the general public knows what is expected from them with respect to security…We are reminding you of your obligation as citizens to assist in keeping the peace,” said Superintendent Henry.

He added for major events, such as j’ouvert, where large crowds will be gathered, Police will be heavily enforcing a “no glass bottle” policy to prevent bottles being used as weapons. He also highlighted the importance for awareness of surroundings, especially in large crowds.

With existing legislation permitting the Carnival Committee to charge for the use of spaces for the sale of goods within the carnival area in Basseterre, the Superintendent warned police will be closely monitoring vendors for proper approvals during Sugar Mas.

The public is reminded to report any suspicious or illegal activity during the Carnival season by calling the crime hotline at 707.