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Policeman Nabbed

The motto of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force is “To Serve and Protect.” With 10 murders for the year and the spiraling rate of crime and violence, the police are trying to up their standards in addressing the problem with efforts to increase public confidence and trust in their capability to effectively perform their duties.

It brings shame and dishonor on the police force when one within its ranks betrays public trust and confidence. Those entrusted to uphold and enforce the law should not be those who recklessly break it. Every effort should be made to get rid of rogue cops who bring the police force into disrepute.

Inspector Cromwell Henry has promised that the policeman recently charged for armed robbery will not be given any special treatment but will face the full brunt of the law. The public waits to see just what will happen in this case. Depending on the outcome of this case, the public will then know if the police can police their own. If not, then how can they protect the public?

A Growing Realization

In this issue, there are stories about the rising cost of cooking gas, a workshop on food security and a U.N. meeting on food costs. All have something more in common than the kitchen; what they share is the growing realization that the world is headed for great changes and if the Federation is not prepared to cope with these changes, the people here will suffer.

Some analysts say that oil is headed for US$200 a barrel. If you look at how the price has risen since 2000, that once-unthinkable notion seems quite possible. This single commodity can drive up the cost of food, transportation and consumer goods at a rate that wages cannot hope to meet. Should this come to pass, the people of the Federation will have to learn self-reliance and inter-island cooperation on a scale that has never been seen before.

In short, this is the time to prepare.

Federation leaders have made moves to deal with changing circumstances, but it is up to all of us citizens to keep pressing them for their ideas that will keep this country from falling behind. We must demand solutions and not accept slogans.

We must be active in our democracy or we will get what we deserve.

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