Political Ulcer

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A few years ago, when “Nurse”  Jean Nisbett Harris was active in the political arena, Mr Parry, the then Leaser of the NRP, during an election campaign, tried to discredit her by saying said that she was only good to dress sores.

A few days ago, in the Nevis House of Assembly, during the budget debate, Mr Parry , still the Leader of the NRP, offered to kick a man in his sore foot because the man dared to offer a job to his wife.  Yes, you read right – during the Budget debate.

What is this fixation with sores and sore foot that has taken hold of Mr Parry?

Here he is, Mr Parry, trying to unseat the CCM administration, and become Premier of all Nevisians, those with sore feet and those without, promising to hit where it hurts the worst and can do the most damage.   Here he is, promising to take advantage of those of us who have economic and social maladies when we are at our weakest.

And there he was a few years ago, denigrating a woman for daring to care for those people whose bodies were not so wholesome.  Then shortly thereafter, he engaged a woman, a Nurse besides, to challenge Vance Amory in Gingerland!

We wonder whether the new candidate of St James  heard Mr Parry’s contribution to the debate.  We wonder whether he genuinely is convinced that this type of Leader will lead Nevis into greener pastures.  But maybe he has come to take over the Party, because the Party is sorely in need of leadership.

We still do not know whether Mr Parry will be a Federal or Local candidate.  Although he said he would never to run for Federal Office again, he may yet change his mind.  Whatever his choice, we call upon him to clean up his language.   Everyone of us has a biblical thorn in the flesh; some of which are externally visible, others only show up upon autopsy.  And each one of us, able bodied or maimed has a role to play.

There but for the grace of God go I.

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