A formal meeting of the Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister, Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris, took place on Monday, Jan. 13 where a a number of issues were discussed and decisions made that are designed for the growth and development of the country:

  • Cabinet held lengthy discussions on the implementation of the Marijuana Core Committee’s recommendations.
  • Cabinet was brought up to date by technocrats in the financial services and members of the Attorney General’s Chambers on the state of preparedness for the upcoming mutual evaluation review. The key areas were discussed, and a reporting date was set. Also, Cabinet discussed the draft bills to enable the Federation to meet the level of commitment necessary for a favourable review. All of the proposed legislation necessary to ensure compliance would be passed in Parliament in time for the evaluation.
  • The chair of the Cabinet congratulated the Deputy Prime Minister, who is also the Minister of Culture, on the staging of a successful Carnival 2019, which from all reports was one of the biggest and best. The Security Forces also came in for high commendation on their performance during the celebrations.
  • The Chair of the Cabinet also reported on the meeting with the visiting team from the US Department of Treasury. The team highly praised the Government for the high level of cooperation and transparency exhibited by the administration and discussed what training opportunities they can offer while pledging their support to assist our financial services with preparation for the upcoming mutual evaluation review.