ROSEAU, Dominica – Eighteen months past the nightmare of Hurricane Maria, Dominica has shown the world how to build better homes through the various government projects including the reputable “Housing Revolution” programme.

Not a corner of Dominica was spared by the rage of Maria back in September of 2017. The entire nation was affected – roads, buildings, homes, health facilities, forests, and trails were severely damaged. Most Dominicans did not have homes or had compromised dwelling. After Hurricane Maria, rental prices, real estate and the cost of construction skyrocketed.

Just weeks after the disastrous event, prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit introduced Housing Dominica – the government’s housing initiative intended to provide thousands of Dominicans with free climate-resilient homes.

“I have a home to give me the security my family needs and I want every Dominican to have a safe home to come home to, free from fear from another hurricane,” Skerrit recently advised.

At present, constructions throughout the island are in full swing. The government intends to build 5,000 homes under contract by Montreal Management Consultants Est. (MMCE).

A series of housing developments in the East Coast, West Coast, and Roseau City are the most extensive projects ever funded by the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) of Dominica through the economic citizenship programme.

Chris Timmins, project director of MMCE, vaunts the quality homes being constructed. “All new buildings are made from reinforced concrete technology, equipped with impact-resistant glass for windows and solar water heaters installed on each residence.” Timmins added that the flagship project in Bellevue Chopin has the first large-scale installation of fiber optic services to an entire community on the island and all utilities are also underground for easier reconnection in the event of a service loss.

In a few weeks, the prime minister is set to unveil a new comprehensive housing programme aimed at providing adequate housing for everyone in Dominica.