Powell Encourged by Election Campaign

Ambassador Jonel Powell
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By Petra Mc Sheene

The Central Basseterre Candidate for Constituency 2 with the People’s Action Movement and Team Unity, Jonel Powell says he is encouraged by the momentum of his campaign.

He said, “The feedback and willingness of people to support me has inspired me and boosted my confidence. We are on the road to victory but I will not be complacent.”

Powell made an address to the nation on June 2 in which he expressed thanks to the Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris and Deputy Prime Minister and leader of PAM Shawn Richards for granting him the opportunity to serve as Ambassador within the ministry of Sports and Culture over the last five years.

He pointed out that one of the lessons he has learned is that when others avoid a vision and are empty of creative thoughts, they tend to turn to personal attacks and abuse. Powell assured the residents of St. Christopher 2 that he was different and better than that.

“I know better than to insult and debase a character and sully the good name of my fellow citizens. I will not be distracted from the good worth and cause to which I am committed.” Powell said to the nation.

Powell made it clear that no amount of falsehoods and low-blows will erase the principles of decency and good character that were instilled in him as a young boy growing up in Mc Knight while pitching marbles and running around the streets of Central Street and Shaw Avenue and playing basketball at Dorset and Market Street. He encouraged young persons, especially females, to help change the tone of political debate.

“To families across the country who are allowing themselves to be divided at election time, I urge you not to do so as the family is more important than politics. I ask that you work hard to unite and not divide.”

Powell pointed out that although he serves as chairman of the party, he is neither a minister of government or parliament. He reminded the nation of how he fought for citizens even though he was not elected in the 2015 elections and pointed out a few things which he influenced such as the upgrade to the Ferry Terminal, the upgrade to the West Bus Terminal, renovations for the Garden’s Housing Complex.

“I was busy the last five years getting street lights leading to Pine Gardens and Shadwell, busy getting land and homes for citizens of all ages, busy securing furniture and supplies for the Irishtown Primary School and I am happy to know that I was busy delivering safer streets and communities.

“While I was busy doing all that, others were busy criticizing the peace initiative and the progress of the young men who turned their backs on crime.”

Powell stated that he respected his colleagues in CCM and PLP and his co-leaders in PAM but if elected, they should not be offended by his stubborn defense and aggressive advocacy for Central Basseterre. He said he intends to fight for better roads in Dorset, Soho, Prickle Pear Alley, Wade’s Gardens, College Housing and New Road. He stated that he shall fight because it is time for more housing opportunities for young men and women in Greenlands’, Freeman’s Village, Shadwell Housing Site and Shadwell Gardens.

“If I am elected, I want to build a boardwalk across the Irishtown bay road, a modern facility that will allow families to sit and relax and enjoy the ocean breeze. It will remain a place for the fishermen to dock their boats. I also plan to upgrade the public market and transform it into a 21st-century shopping complex for our farmers but with the addition of a second floor to accommodate other small businesses.” Powell shared his vision.

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