PM Harris at Basseterre Public Market


By Loshaun Dixon

Individuals in St. Kitts and Nevis, who will be doing essential shopping when the 24-hour lock down is partially eased, are asked to monitor their conduct and to practise social distancing.

Chairman of the National Task Force against COVID 19 Abdias Samuel, at The National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) COVID-19 daily briefing, urged the public to adhere to social distancing guidelines when they are out to shop on Wednesday and Thursday.

“We are asking you to be responsible. You have heard the pleas from the Police and from the Ministry of Health about the way we conduct ourselves when we go to the supermarket.”

He urged that individuals take responsibility for themselves and their families when they are out in the public.

“You are creating danger for yourself for those around you and also your family. We are asking you to behave responsibly if and when you get the opportunity to do grocery shopping. It is grocery shopping in a different form. We are not under normal circumstances.”

He said the NEOC met with the chamber of industry and commerce and discussed ideas for how the two essential shopping days will be governed at the supermarkets and business places.


The public is also recommended to cover their faces when they are out in the public and stand six feet away from each other.


Last week build up at some supermarkets were significant with major build up of customers on the outside rushing to get inside. Police had to intervene in some instances and ask people to line up six feet apart.