Pre-Halloween Party For Oasis

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By Suelika N. Buchanan

The Observer

Live Wire Promotions in conjunction with Tombstone International and Energetic International will host a “Fearless” Pre-Halloween party at Oasis Sports Bar at Frigate Bay on Friday Oct. 28th.

The party is expected to be one of a kind and unique as organizers Kareem Morton and Osric Liburd explained that special decoration and music will be put in place to make the event a memorable one.

“It’s going to be a different feeling and we’re going to decorate the place with the Halloween theme in mind,” Liburd said. “We really want to see the crowd reaction and see what they come up with.”

Both Morton and Liburd said that they have seen costumes and masks that people can purchase that are being sold at the Toy Store on West Independence Street.

Liburd expects people to show up as witches, goblins and creepy crawlers at the “creepy” decorated.

The first DJ to perform will be DJ Shaggy of Big Link Sounds, and the rest of the night will belong to Tombstone and Energetic Sounds, in no particular order.

“We are inviting everyone to come out and see how deejaying is done, people have been complaining about going to dances and hearing one DJ play followed by a next DJ who will play the same set of songs that DJ played before, but, this will not be so at our party,” Morton said. “There will be a variety of music being played that everyone will enjoy.”

The duo also added that they are currently working on surprises for the best costume and most scariest, “we want people to come as fearless as they can.”

The best and latest dances out of Jamaica will also be on display by some Jamaicans living on the island.

Liburd said that they are positive that people will come out to this event even though Halloween is indeed an American holiday.

“People will react, they like different vibes, they’re Americans living here and some going to the colleges here so we’re also promoting our party there as well, we’re pretty much catering to everyone,” he said.

The next event they plan to have is in December around the Carnival activities when they plan to bring a Jamaican artist.

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