Premier of Nevis the Hon. Vance Amory

By LR Liburd

The St. Kitts-Nevis Observer

 Premier of Nevis and Leader of the Concerned Citizens Movement, the Hon. Vance Amory has indicated his intention of retiring but was adamant in providing a date and also if it would be from the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) or the Federal Government, or both.

Amory made this declaration earlier this week during a brief interview with WINN FM’s Ken Richards.

“Well, I think any person who is wise begins to look for their succession. It’s been 30 years and I think it would be good for me to certainly look at that now. To go on ad infinitum is not a good thing,” Amory said in response to a question on his impending retirement.

Asked if he has a definite date in mind, the Premier said, “That announcement will be made.”

The Premier did not say if an announcement will come this year next year or in five years.

Rhetorically, he was asked if he could certainly mention the date of his retirement, to which he responded: “Well, people have been mentioning all kind of things, for me it doesn’t really matter. But the good thing is I think I am in good company because Keith Mitchell made a similar statement that he is looking to his successors and so on.

“For me, no person, no matter if you are a part of an organisation you have to look to the days when you are succeeded…you must prepare for that. In private life as well a lot of our people do not prepare for retirement and when it comes it hits them like a ton of bricks although they have been working towards that all of their life.”

Premier Amory was finally asked if he would be retiring from both the NIA and the Federal Government, and once again an indirect answer was given.

“Well, whenever it comes, we will hear.”

Following this disclosure, The Observer spoke to a number of Nevisians who collectively asked: “Who will take his place as the party’s candidate for St. George’s?”

One individual said: “Mark will now achieve his long desired political ambition of being the Leader of CCM and Premier of Nevis should they win the upcoming Local Elections.”

Another Nevisian, who on condition of anonymity, shared his views on Premier Amory’s impending retirement.

“Local Elections are scheduled for January next year and Vance will not retire before that. If he does, there will have to be a by-election for the St. George’s seat and I am certain that his fellow candidates in CCM would not like that to happen. Should it become a reality, their chances in returning to office might be very slim.

“Additionally, if he does retire before or after the Local Elections, there will certainly be a by-election because of the position he now holds in the coalition Team Unity Government. However, the CCM has a number of capable individuals to replace him. Some of those individuals identified as his successor are Junior Minister of Works Troy Liburd, the party’s Chairman Stedman Tross, and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance Colin Dore.”

Born in Rawlins Village on May 22, 1949, the Hon. Vance Winkworth Amory 30-year political career saw him being the founder of the CCM and he was first elected to the Nevis Island Assembly as the Representative for the St. George’s Parish in 1987.

Since then, he has never lost an election.

His party had won the 1992 Local Elections and he held the position of Premier until July 2006 when deposed by the Hon. Joseph Parry, Leader of the Nevis Reformation Party.

The former banker and educator had however regained that position in January 2013.