Premier of Nevis Hon. Vance Amory is claiming that no agreement was signed between the NRP-led Administration and the Japanese to construct a US$12 million Fisheries Complex in Nevis, a claim former Minister of Agriculture Hon. Robelto Hector vehemently denies. The Premier, addressing the topic of the proposed Fisheries Complex at a press conference on Monday (Aug 12), said that no agreement was signed. Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Hon. Alexis Jeffers was also present at the conference and made a similar statement saying he too “has not seen the agreement”. “Based on my understanding of what they (Japan representatives) said I didn’t get any impression that an agreement was signed. We had a second meeting on 31st of July with the diplomatic representative of Japan and as far as we know there has been no agreement signed,’the Premier disclosed. On April 27, 2012 however an official signing ceremony for the Exchange of Notes was held in Gallows Bay where then Premier Hon. Joseph Parry and Japanese Ambassador Yoshimasa Tezuka signed a document they said was an agreement between the NIA and JICA. This was done in the presence of other JICA representatives, Ministers of Government, Agriculture Department representatives, fishermen and media personnel. MP Hector, speaking with The Observer on Wednesday (Aug 14) said the signed documents should be in the possession of Agriculture Minister Jeffers. He claims there is no truth to what the Premier and the Minister said on Monday. “Those instructions are not correct but I will make a public statement later,”Hon. Hector said. The Fisheries Complex has been a source of controversy on the island since its conception. The Hobson family, owners of lands at Gallows Bay, claimed government acquired the land that would form part of the Complex despite their not having agreed to the usage of 5436 square feet of their land. They claimed the Nevis Island Administration has not compensated the family for its land.