Prime Minister And Education Minister Conduct Follow-Up Visit To Cayon High School To Assess Progress And Address New Concerns

Prime Minister Dr. Drew (3rd right); DPM Dr. Hanley (centre); PS Pistana (3rd left); CEO Morris (2nd left); EO Woodley (right); Principal Morris (2nd right), and Deputy Principal Blake (left).
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Basseterre, St. Kitts – This morning, March 14, Prime Minister, the Honourable Dr. Terrance Drew, who also serves as the Parliamentary Representative for St. Christopher 8, made a follow-up visit to the Cayon High School to assess the progress made since previous inspections and to gather updates on any emerging issues. The prime minister was accompanied by the Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister, the Honourable Dr. Geoffrey Hanley, and other education officials.

Prime Minister Dr. Drew (3rd right); DPM Dr. Hanley (centre); PS Pistana (3rd left); CEO Morris (2nd left); EO Woodley (right); Principal Morris (2nd right), and Deputy Principal Blake (left).

Prime Minister Dr. Drew emphasised the urgent necessity of upgrading the school, which prompted the immediate commencement of renovations to guarantee a safe and comfortable setting for both students and teachers.

“Let me say first that I frequently visit the Cayon High School… because upon taking up office, I recognized that the school needed significant work and immediately we started to work,” said Prime Minister Dr. Drew.  “First of all, the bathroom… you would recognise how state-of-the-art they are in terms of their condition now, as a result of acting quickly to get them from a deplorable state.”

An upgraded bathroom facility was built in a new area of the school, marking a major enhancement to the school’s infrastructure.

Dr. Drew announced that enhancements will also be undertaken to transform the school’s aesthetics.

“In my visits, I recognised also that there is work needed in terms of aesthetics and I went out to seek a donor, a group that is willing now, to contribute to the upgrade of the Cayon High School,” said Dr. Drew. “We had decided from the beginning that we would invest in the Cayon High School as it looked deplorable and abandoned when we first took it over.”

Prime Minister Dr. Drew reassured students, teachers, parents, and the Cayon community that the government is committed to continuing the substantial improvements already begun, with the goal of elevating the school from its current condition to their desired standard.
He conveyed his gratitude to Dr. Hanley and his team for their swift action in tackling the problems.

Dr. Hanley said that significant improvements at the high school included the installation of windows, doors, and electrical systems in an entire block of the school.

“Since I assumed the position as the Minister of Education, inheriting the school was a great surprise when I saw the condition and immediately we went to work and we were able to outfit an entire block…” said Dr. Hanley. “In January of this year, we were able to give the students and teachers a state-of-the-art bathroom and we are taking on some other projects in painting and eventually we will move towards the windows.”

Dr. Hanley acknowledged that there was a shortfall in desks and chairs, leading to the purchase of 600 units for distribution across schools in St. Kitts.

Joining the tour were Lisa-Romayne Pistana, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education; Francil Morris, Chief Education Officer; Kyla Morris, School Principal; Gavin Blake, Deputy Principal; and Roger Woodley, Education Officer. Members of the Public Works Department were also included in the tour group.

Efforts to further enhance the school’s environment for the staff and students are ongoing.

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