Prince of Wales visits fancies the National Treasury Building

Prince Charles and Prime Minister Harris greet spectators outside National Museum
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By Loshaun Dixon

Looking sharp and rested Prince Charles of Wales and his wife the Duchess Camilla of Cornwall arrived in St. Kitts on Thursday for a day full of activities with the Old Treasury, the current National Museum a focus during their walk through Basseterre.

Prince Charles and Prime Minister Harris greet spectators outside National Museum

The Prince of Wales arrived at the Robert Bradshaw International Airport just before midday for the first time in 45 years on Thursday and met a waiting guard of honour and received a salute on the tarmac of the RLB Airport.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla met with Head of State, Governor General Sir S W Tapley Seaton QC before meeting Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris who introduced the couple to members of his cabinet during the short arrival ceremony.

The motorcade then left the airport and made its way to Wellington road where hundreds of primary and high school students had lined up waving national, students who were waiting to get a glimpse of the first in line to the British throne. He made a stop at the Berkeley Memorial in the heart of Basseterre where he took the opportunity to greet members of the public that was made up of both locals and visitors alike hoping to shake hands with the couple.

Just south of the Berkeley Memorial, Charles was impressed at the National Museum’s building structure and paid a short visit.

The St. Christopher National Trust was at the time hosting a special exhibit in the archway of the museum to observe the 125 years of the construction of the building.

Executive Director of the St. Christopher National Trust, Ryllis Percival told this publication that after Prince Charles saw the building his mood changed and he wanted to speak about the building.

“Today with the Prince passing here and commemorating the anniversary and recognising the significance of the building is a boost for us,” Percival said.

She said the Prince of Wales was very interested in how they are going to preserve the building.

“He asked a lot about our heritage sites and what we are doing to protect them. He was very enthusiastic about the building. He asked me specifically am I making sure that our heritage sites are being protected and I said ‘yes, we are going to do that’,” Percival said.

She said he was excited that their members were present here and he wanted to know that they were all working to ensure the function of the National Trust is being carried out.

The Prince of Wales also visited Nevis where he was welcomed by the Deputy Governor-General Hyleta Liburd and Premier of Nevis Mark Brantley and his wife and was introduced to the cabinet of the Nevis Island Administration.

The couple visited Hermitage, a great house of the 17th and 18th centuries and also hosted a reception at Government House in Nevis.

He returned to St. Kitts later in the day Thursday where he made a return to Brimstone Hill, a site he most famously visited on his last trip to the Federation.

At Brimstone Hill he unveiled a plaque at the Prince of Wales Bastion and visited the Queens Canopy that is also located in the area. They were also treated to a cultural exhibition.

They also hosted a reception at government house where Charles also launched a project to give Commonwealth students the chance to study subjects at Cambridge University.

He departed the Federation for Barbados at around 6:00p.m.

Their trip thus far has visited Saint Lucia, Barbados, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. They will also visit Grenada and Cuba over the weekend.


High school students waiting for the Royal couple on Wellinton Road


Prince of Wales on Port Zante preparing to leave for Nevis


Prince Charles greeting spectators on Fort Street in slight drizzle.


The Duchess of Cornwall smiles with spectators at Port Zante.



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