Prince William Wades In On Middle East Fighting.

Photo: Daily Mail. Prince William was formerly a RAF helicopter pilot and air ambulance pilot.
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The Prince of Wales says he wants “to see an end to the fighting as soon as possible”, in a comment on the Israel-Gaza conflict that has attracted media attention.

His comments may be controversial since it is customary for the monarchy to refrain from commenting on matters that are considered to be in the realm of politics in case the royal family is perceived to be taking sides in conflicts.

The prince spoke of the “terrible human cost of the conflict in the Middle East since the Hamas terrorist attack”.

Prince William says there is a “desperate need for increased humanitarian support to Gaza” and for hostages to be released.

He was speaking ahead of a visit about humanitarian support in Gaza.

The prince’s visits will provide a symbolic recognition of the suffering of those caught up in violence.

He will hear from those providing humanitarian support in the Middle East and is expected to hear first-hand accounts of the pressure on those working in Gaza.

On a visit to a synagogue, later this month, Prince William will speak to young people from a range of backgrounds, in a meeting which will draw particular attention to concerns about antisemitism.

The building of bridges between faiths, and tackling religious intolerance, has been a particular cause of the prince’s father, King Charles III.

But since the King’s cancer diagnosis earlier this month, he has not been carrying out such public visits.

Last October, the King spoke of the “heartbreaking loss of life” in the Middle East conflict and made an impassioned call for respect between different faiths and cultures.

And in his Christmas message, he spoke of the underlying universal values shared by religions, at a time of “tragic conflict”.

But with the King stepping back from such public involvement during his cancer treatment, Prince William will be among the senior royals taking on such symbolic and sensitive visits.

Prince William had himself stopped carrying out engagements when Catherine had been recovering from abdominal surgery but he has since returned to official duties such as these visits.
Source: BBC News.
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