Process in place for persons wishing to travel out of Nevis

Dr. Judy Nisbett, Chair of the Nevis COVID-19 Task Force
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CHARLESTOWN, Nevis — Travelers who plan to travel overseas from Nevis must obtain a COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test before they can apply to leave the island, according to Dr. Judy Nisbett, Chair of the Nevis COVID-19 Task Force.

“As more countries begin to open their borders, an increasing number of persons have been inquiring about what is needed if they are leaving the country,” Dr. Nisbett said during the July 20 Nevis COVID-19 EOC Briefing.

She outlined the necessary steps, which could include taking a COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test.

“Most countries are now requiring incoming passengers to have a COVID-19 test done. To facilitate this, there’s a process where passengers who are leaving must email the COVID-19 Task Force at Please submit this email at least a week before or more before you’re ready to leave.

“In this email, we would like you to provide evidence of approval from [Nevis Air and Sea Ports Authority] NASPA for departure. We also would like proof of a confirmed ticket for travel to your destination, also proof of the requirement of the COVID-19 test from the country of destination,” she said.

Dr. Nisbett noted that not all countries are requiring the test but if the country one is traveling to require it, proof of that must be provided.

The task force chair further explained that once the email is received, the passenger would receive notice that an appointment date has been scheduled to have the test done. COVID-19 PCR tests are done at the check point at the Alexandra Hospital at a cost of EC$400. The test results are usually available within 24 hours.

St. Kitts and Nevis’ borders remain closed to commercial flights; however charter flights have been permitted on a controlled basis. The Federation has had a total of 17 confirmed COVID-19 cases; only two of those are presently active.

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