Commissioner Terrance James and Commissioner Hilroy Brandy.

Acting Commissioner of Police Hilroy Brandy and Commissioner of Corrections Terrance James have both appealed to the public to give second chances to at-risk youth and former residents of Her Majesty’s Prison during remarks at separate events held recently.

Acting Commissioner Brandy implored persons to “find ways to reach out to young people” while speaking at the Passing-out Ceremony of Course #43.

“I am encouraging the private and public sector to find ways to reach out to young people. Give a second chance to members of at-risk groups. Let us take the example of Saul before he was converted to the Apostle Paul. He was notorious for many wrongdoings but became an outstanding citizen thereafter. If we continue working together, we will have a greater impact, effect greater change, and empower more persons,” he said.

Commissioner of Corrections Terrance James made his call to give rehabilitated residents a second chance while appearing on the “Policing With You” programme.

“This is the challenge that the inmates have had over the years,” he said. “As the new Commissioner of Prisons, I am begging…the business community out there, the NGOs and the people in society generally to give the inmates a second chance.”

He said that often persons who have been incarcerated and released are marginalized and denied opportunities for employment.

“We are asking, especially the business community, that when persons [who were] inmates approach their institutions seeking some sort of employment, that they can reconsider. They can even call back to the prison to ask or get information on what type of person is this individual,” Commissioner James explained. “We can give a brief overview of that person so that we can be of some assistance and comfort to the business owners to assist these individuals.”