Public reminded: Observe COVID-19 safety protocols

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Hazel Laws, said that students arriving at the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine will follow COVID-19 quarantine procedures, which are still in place.
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BASSETERRE, St. Kitts — Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Hazel Laws, reminded citizens and residents the 2019 Novel Coronavirus is still prevalent in the global community and it is extremely important for them to continue to adhere to the COVID-19 safety protocols now in place in St. Kitts and Nevis.

“It is very important for us to continue wearing our face masks in public, that is going to protect you from the individual you are interacting with and protect the individual from you,” said Dr. Laws. “Hand hygiene – using the hand sanitizers, washing your hands with soap and water is going to prevent you from infecting yourself with dirty hands.”

She reminded everyone to follow the social and physical distancing measures that were implemented to keep them safe.

“Ensure that you are at least three feet away from individuals and try and avoid mass gatherings,” said Dr. Laws. “…these are the measures that are going to reduce your risk and my risk of exposure to the virus. The COVID-19 virus is relentless, it is not taking a break and so I implore you not to let your guard down.”

The Chief Medical Officer said that the Ministry of Health continues its robust approach to protect citizens and residents from the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“We now have two active cases of COVID-19 on the island and the Ministry of Health continues active surveillance whereby we continue to test all suspected cases of COVID-19 and their contacts,” she said, reiterating that there is “continued implementation of the COVID-19 prevention measures.”

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