Mighty Sookie

By Monique Washington

Two senior Calypsoians have been disqualified from the Culturama Senior Calypso competition after they failed to comply to committee rules and criteria, one manager said they knew about.

Today, Culturama Subcommittee Chairman Keith Glasgow told The Observer that both Uldane ‘Pupa Wheeler’ Daniel and Shomari ‘Sookie’ Mitchell have been disqualified.

“A review of the Rules of the Contest found that Sookie and Pupa Wheeler were in contravention of Article 4(a) and 4(b) respectively,” Glasow said. “Therefore, both will be disqualified. As a result, Baker and Polo will advance to the TDC Senior Kaiso Final slated for Aug. 4.”

The review took place after “Polo’s’ manager raised concerns about the two Calypsoians. He noted that “Pupa Wheeler should have been disqualified for singing a song released and performed on or before June 27, 2017.”

On Saturday, the Calypso semi-finals took place at the Cultural Village. Fourteen Calypsoians went head-to-head performing two songs each. In the second round, ‘Wheeler’ performed his song, “Poems in the Square,” a song that according to the committee, was released in June of 2017.

According to the rules and criteria, “Composition (b) Calypsos entered in the competition must be original and must not have been entered in any previous NNC or St. Kitts-Nevis National Carnival Committee organized competition. Calypsos entered in the competition must be released after the end of the last competition.”

In the second-round, ‘Sookie’ performed his song “Best Destination,” which had two verses. According to the rules and criteria: “Composition (a) a Calypso must consist of not less than three verses with or without a chorus and should not exceed a performance time of eight minutes.”

Sookie’s manager said she was never told about this information. She noted that she asked Culturama Chairman Antonio Liburd for all the information that she needed and received the judging criteria. She noted that Sookies’ song has three verses, but he was saving the last verse for the night of the show. She said she was told after her son had been disqualified that she could pick up the rules and criteria from the officer.

Two Calypsoians advancing to the finals are Junior ‘Bad man Polo’ Newton and Alfred ‘Baker’ Newton.

The nine Calypsoians that will compete against reigning King Hollywood will be Astro, Nutsy, Dis An Dat, Charis D, Polo, X-Man, Murray, Baker and Daddy Nature.